Applesoft Disassembly

If you want to understand how Applesoft works, the most detailed information available is in Bob Sander-Cederlof's disassembly of the Apple ][+ ROM code. This is currently available on his web site as S-C Documentor: Applesoft.

The disassembly is presented as source code for the S-C Assembler, which runs on the Apple II. Due to the constraints of 8-bit computers, the sources are split into 26 separate files, which is somewhat inconvenient on a modern system.

As an exercise, I converted the entire disassembly to a 6502bench SourceGen project. This allows perusal of the entire program as a single entity, and provides full cross-reference data. It does have a few drawbacks, notably that the limitations on operands don't allow it to fully express the equations in some places.

Copyright 2019 by Andy McFadden

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