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AMPER Disassembly

                   * Caverns of Freitag, by David Shapiro                                         *
                   * Copyright 1982                                                               *
                   *                                                                              *
                   * Disassembly of "AMPER".                                                      *
                   * This is a thin wrapper around GRAPHIX II, which loads at $0800.              *
                   * Disassembly by Andy McFadden, using 6502bench SourceGen v1.5.                *
                   * Last updated 2020/01/21                                                      *
                   ARG_DIST        .eq     $19               ;LINESET distance
                   ARG_RADIUS      .eq     $1b               ;CIRCLE radius
                   ARG_DRAW_MODE   .eq     $1c               ;0=draw, 1=erase, 2=invert
                   ARG_ANGLE       .eq     $1d               ;LINESET angle arg
                   ARG_ITEM_INDEX  .eq     $1e               ;LINESET/CHARSET item index
                   ARG_COLOR       .eq     $1f               ;0=green, 1=orange, 2=purple, 3=blue
                   BAS_FAC         .eq     $9d    {addr/6}   ;floating point accumulator (6b)
                   BAS_TXTPTR      .eq     $b8    {addr/2}   ;points at next char or token (2b)
                   ARG_EXT_PTR     .eq     $e8    {addr/2}   ;pointer to external data
                   ARG_X0          .eq     $f9    {addr/2}   ;X coord #0 (0-255 or 0-139)
                   ARG_Y0          .eq     $fb               ;Y coord #0 (0-191)
                   ARG_X1          .eq     $fc    {addr/2}   ;X coord #1 (0-255 or 0-139)
                   ARG_Y1          .eq     $fe               ;Y coord #1 (0-191)
                   ARG_FF          .eq     $ff               ;shape fill flag -or- CLR color
                   BAS_AMPERV      .eq     $03f5  {addr/3}   ;JMP to function that handles Applesoft '&' cmds
                   DOT             .eq     $0800             ;plot a single pixel
                   CHKDOT          .eq     $0806             ;see if a pixel is set
                   LINE            .eq     $0809             ;draw a line
                   LINESET         .eq     $080c             ;draw lines from a set of vectors
                   CLR             .eq     $080f             ;clear the screen
                   SCFLIP          .eq     $0812             ;XORs colors on hi-res screen
                   HISCROLL        .eq     $0815             ;scroll entire screen up one line
                   BOX             .eq     $0818             ;draw a filled or outline rect
                   SWITCHC         .eq     $081b             ;flip hi bits on DOT drawing
                   CHARSET         .eq     $081e             ;draw dots from bitmap
                   BDRW            .eq     $0821             ;blit hi-res bitmap
                   CIRCLE          .eq     $0824             ;draw filled or outline circle
                   PENGUIN         .eq     $0827             ;draw a penguin (uses CHARSET)
                   CDOT            .eq     $082a             ;plot a colored pixel (140 mode)
                   CLINE           .eq     $0830             ;draw a colored line
                   CBOX            .eq     $0833             ;draw a colored box
                   CCHARSET        .eq     $0836             ;draw colored dots from bitmap
                   HIRES_          .eq     $0839             ;switch display to hi-res graphics
                   HROFF           .eq     $0840             ;switch display to text
                   WINDOW          .eq     $0844             ;switch display to mixed text/graphics
                   WNDOFF          .eq     $0848             ;switch display to full-screen graphics
                   DRWPG1          .eq     $084c             ;draw on page 1
                   DRWPG2          .eq     $0852             ;draw on page 2
                   DISPPG1         .eq     $0858             ;display page 1
                   DISPPG2         .eq     $085c             ;display page 2
                   BAS_ERROR       .eq     $d412             ;print error based on X-reg
                   BAS_FRMEVL      .eq     $dd7b             ;eval expr at TXTPTR (num/str), result into FAC
                   BAS_CHKCOM      .eq     $debe             ;checks TXTPTR for comma
                   BAS_QINT        .eq     $ebf2             ;converts FP value in FAC to int in FAC+1..FAC+4

                                   .org    $1c91
1c91: a0 02        INIT            ldy     #$02              ;copy jump instruction to ampersand vector
1c93: b9 9d 1c     :Loop           lda     Vec,y
1c96: 99 f5 03                     sta     BAS_AMPERV,y
1c99: 88                           dey
1c9a: 10 f7                        bpl     :Loop
1c9c: 60                           rts

1c9d: 4c a0 1c     Vec             jmp     MAIN

                   ; Ampersand handler entry point.
                   ; Start by figuring out which command is being invoked.
                   ]tmp            .var    $1c    {addr/1}
                   ]cmd_index      .var    $3a    {addr/1}   ;MON_PCL

1ca0: a2 00        MAIN            ldx     #$00              ;X is index into our command table
1ca2: a0 00                        ldy     #$00              ;Y is index into Applesoft code
1ca4: 84 3a                        sty     ]cmd_index        ;number of commands we've scanned
1ca6: b1 b8        :ChkLoop        lda     (BAS_TXTPTR),y    ;get byte from Applesoft
1ca8: 85 1c                        sta     ]tmp              ;store it
1caa: bd ea 1c                     lda     CommandNames,x    ;get byte from our command list
1cad: f0 1c                        beq     :Error            ;if at end of list, bail
1caf: c5 1c                        cmp     ]tmp              ;match?
1cb1: d0 04                        bne     :NoMatch          ;nope
1cb3: c8                           iny
1cb4: e8           :NextName       inx
1cb5: d0 ef                        bne     :ChkLoop          ;(always)
1cb7: 29 7f        :NoMatch        and     #$7f              ;check again with high bit clear
1cb9: c5 1c                        cmp     ]tmp              ;if this works, we matched last byte in string
1cbb: f0 13                        beq     FoundMatch
1cbd: e6 3a                        inc     ]cmd_index        ;increment table index
1cbf: a0 00                        ldy     #$00              ;reset Y to start
1cc1: a9 80        :SkipLoop       lda     #$80              ;advance X to the start of the next command name
1cc3: 3d ea 1c                     and     CommandNames,x    ;is the high bit set?
1cc6: d0 ec                        bne     :NextName         ;yes, return to scan loop
1cc8: e8                           inx                       ;no, keep advancing
1cc9: d0 f6                        bne     :SkipLoop         ;(always)
1ccb: a2 10        :Error          ldx     #$10
1ccd: 4c 12 d4                     jmp     BAS_ERROR

1cd0: 18           FoundMatch      clc
1cd1: c8                           iny
1cd2: 98                           tya
1cd3: 65 b8                        adc     BAS_TXTPTR        ;update TXTPTR past the command name in the
1cd5: 85 b8                        sta     BAS_TXTPTR        ; BASIC program
1cd7: 90 02                        bcc     :NoInc
1cd9: e6 b9                        inc     BAS_TXTPTR+1
1cdb: 06 3a        :NoInc          asl     ]cmd_index        ;double the command index
1cdd: a6 3a                        ldx     ]cmd_index
1cdf: e8                           inx
1ce0: bd 78 1d                     lda     AddrTable,x       ;look it up in the table
1ce3: 48                           pha
1ce4: ca                           dex
1ce5: bd 78 1d                     lda     AddrTable,x
1ce8: 48                           pha
1ce9: 60                           rts

                   ; Names for 25 commands.
                   ; CF uses the following:
                   ;   BOX,A,B,C,D,E,F
                   ;   CBOX,A,B,C,D,E,F,G
                   ;   CHARSET,A,B,C,D,E
                   ;   CLR,0
                   ;   HIRES
                   ;   HROFF
                   ;   LINESET,A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H
                   ;   WINDOW
                   ;   WINDOFF
1cea: 43 48 4b 44+ CommandNames    .dstr   ‘CHKDOT’
1cf0: 44 4f d4                     .dstr   ‘DOT’
1cf3: 4c 49 4e 45+                 .dstr   ‘LINESET’
1cfa: 4c 49 4e c5                  .dstr   ‘LINE’
1cfe: 43 4c d2                     .dstr   ‘CLR’
1d01: 53 43 46 4c+                 .dstr   ‘SCFLIP’
1d07: 48 49 53 43+                 .dstr   ‘HISCROLL’
1d0f: 42 4f d8                     .dstr   ‘BOX’
1d12: 53 57 49 54+                 .dstr   ‘SWITCHC’
1d19: 43 48 41 52+                 .dstr   ‘CHARSET’
1d20: 42 44 52 d7                  .dstr   ‘BDRW’
1d24: 43 49 52 43+                 .dstr   ‘CIRCLE’
1d2a: 50 45 4e 47+                 .dstr   ‘PENGUIN’
1d31: 43 44 4f d4                  .dstr   ‘CDOT’
1d35: 43 4c 49 4e+                 .dstr   ‘CLINE’
1d3a: 43 42 4f d8                  .dstr   ‘CBOX’
1d3e: 43 43 48 41+                 .dstr   ‘CCHARSET’
1d46: 48 49 52 45+                 .dstr   ‘HIRES’
1d4b: 48 52 4f 46+                 .dstr   ‘HROFF’
1d50: 57 49 4e 44+                 .dstr   ‘WINDOW’
1d56: 57 49 4e 44+                 .dstr   ‘WINDOFF’
1d5d: 44 52 57 50+                 .dstr   ‘DRWPG1’
1d63: 44 52 57 50+                 .dstr   ‘DRWPG2’
1d69: 44 49 53 50+                 .dstr   ‘DISPPG1’
1d70: 44 49 53 50+                 .dstr   ‘DISPPG2’
1d77: 00                           .dd1    $00
                   ; Table of addresses for RTS.  This parallels CommandNames.
1d78: d1 1d        AddrTable       .dd2    Cmd_CHKDOT-1
1d7a: d7 1d                        .dd2    Cmd_DOT-1
1d7c: f0 1d                        .dd2    Cmd_LINESET-1
1d7e: e2 1d                        .dd2    Cmd_LINE-1
1d80: 14 1e                        .dd2    Cmd_CLR-1
1d82: 1c 1e                        .dd2    Cmd_SCFLIP-1
1d84: 24 1e                        .dd2    Cmd_HISCROLL-1
1d86: 27 1e                        .dd2    Cmd_BOX-1
1d88: 51 1e                        .dd2    Cmd_SWITCHC-1
1d8a: 3a 1e                        .dd2    Cmd_CHARSET-1
1d8c: 54 1e                        .dd2    Cmd_BDRW-1
1d8e: 66 1e                        .dd2    Cmd_CIRCLE-1
1d90: 7e 1e                        .dd2    Cmd_PENGUIN-1
1d92: 8f 1e                        .dd2    Cmd_CDOT-1
1d94: 9d 1e                        .dd2    Cmd_CLINE-1
1d96: ae 1e                        .dd2    Cmd_CBOX-1
1d98: c4 1e                        .dd2    Cmd_CCHARSET-1
1d9a: de 1e                        .dd2    Cmd_HIRES-1
1d9c: e1 1e                        .dd2    Cmd_HROFF-1
1d9e: e4 1e                        .dd2    Cmd_WINDOW-1
1da0: e7 1e                        .dd2    Cmd_WNDOFF-1
1da2: ea 1e                        .dd2    Cmd_DRWPG1-1
1da4: ed 1e                        .dd2    Cmd_DRWPG2-1
1da6: f0 1e                        .dd2    Cmd_DISPPG1-1
1da8: f3 1e                        .dd2    Cmd_DISPPG2-1

                   ; Gets a numeric value from the BASIC program, which must follow a comma.
                   ; On exit:
                   ;   X-reg: low byte
                   ;   Y-reg: high byte
                   • Clear variables

1daa: 20 be de     GetCommaInt     jsr     BAS_CHKCOM
1dad: 20 7b dd                     jsr     BAS_FRMEVL
1db0: 20 f2 eb                     jsr     BAS_QINT
1db3: a6 a1                        ldx     BAS_FAC+4
1db5: a4 a0                        ldy     BAS_FAC+3
1db7: 60                           rts

                   ; Get a two-byte integer and a one-byte integer.  Useful for X,Y coordinates (0-
                   ; 279, 0-191).
1db8: 20 aa 1d     GetCoords_X0Y0  jsr     GetCommaInt
1dbb: 86 f9                        stx     ARG_X0
1dbd: 84 fa                        sty     ARG_X0+1
1dbf: 20 aa 1d                     jsr     GetCommaInt
1dc2: 86 fb                        stx     ARG_Y0
1dc4: 60                           rts

1dc5: 20 aa 1d     GetCoords_X1Y1  jsr     GetCommaInt
1dc8: 86 fc                        stx     ARG_X1
1dca: 84 fd                        sty     ARG_X1+1
1dcc: 20 aa 1d                     jsr     GetCommaInt
1dcf: 86 fe                        stx     ARG_Y1
1dd1: 60                           rts

1dd2: 20 b8 1d     Cmd_CHKDOT      jsr     GetCoords_X0Y0
1dd5: 4c 06 08                     jmp     CHKDOT

1dd8: 20 b8 1d     Cmd_DOT         jsr     GetCoords_X0Y0
1ddb: 20 aa 1d                     jsr     GetCommaInt
1dde: 86 1c                        stx     ARG_DRAW_MODE
1de0: 4c 00 08                     jmp     DOT

1de3: 20 b8 1d     Cmd_LINE        jsr     GetCoords_X0Y0
1de6: 20 c5 1d                     jsr     GetCoords_X1Y1
1de9: 20 aa 1d                     jsr     GetCommaInt
1dec: 86 1c                        stx     ARG_DRAW_MODE
1dee: 4c 09 08                     jmp     LINE

1df1: 20 8a 1e     Cmd_LINESET     jsr     GetOneInt_1f
1df4: 20 b8 1d                     jsr     GetCoords_X0Y0
1df7: 20 aa 1d                     jsr     GetCommaInt
1dfa: 86 e8                        stx     ARG_EXT_PTR
1dfc: 84 e9                        sty     ARG_EXT_PTR+1
1dfe: 20 aa 1d                     jsr     GetCommaInt
1e01: 86 1e                        stx     ARG_ITEM_INDEX
1e03: 20 aa 1d                     jsr     GetCommaInt
1e06: 86 19                        stx     ARG_DIST
1e08: 20 aa 1d                     jsr     GetCommaInt
1e0b: 86 1d                        stx     ARG_ANGLE
1e0d: 20 aa 1d                     jsr     GetCommaInt
1e10: 86 1c                        stx     ARG_DRAW_MODE
1e12: 4c 0c 08                     jmp     LINESET

1e15: 20 aa 1d     Cmd_CLR         jsr     GetCommaInt
1e18: 86 ff                        stx     ARG_FF
1e1a: 4c 0f 08                     jmp     CLR

1e1d: 20 aa 1d     Cmd_SCFLIP      jsr     GetCommaInt
1e20: 86 ff                        stx     ARG_FF
1e22: 4c 12 08                     jmp     SCFLIP

1e25: 4c 15 08     Cmd_HISCROLL    jmp     HISCROLL

1e28: 20 b8 1d     Cmd_BOX         jsr     GetCoords_X0Y0
1e2b: 20 c5 1d                     jsr     GetCoords_X1Y1
1e2e: 20 aa 1d                     jsr     GetCommaInt
1e31: 86 1c                        stx     ARG_DRAW_MODE
1e33: 20 aa 1d                     jsr     GetCommaInt
1e36: 86 ff                        stx     ARG_FF
1e38: 4c 18 08                     jmp     BOX

1e3b: 20 b8 1d     Cmd_CHARSET     jsr     GetCoords_X0Y0
1e3e: 20 aa 1d                     jsr     GetCommaInt
1e41: 86 1e                        stx     ARG_ITEM_INDEX
1e43: 20 aa 1d                     jsr     GetCommaInt
1e46: 86 e8                        stx     ARG_EXT_PTR
1e48: 84 e9                        sty     ARG_EXT_PTR+1
1e4a: 20 aa 1d                     jsr     GetCommaInt
1e4d: 86 1c                        stx     ARG_DRAW_MODE
1e4f: 4c 1e 08                     jmp     CHARSET

1e52: 4c 1b 08     Cmd_SWITCHC     jmp     SWITCHC

1e55: 20 b8 1d     Cmd_BDRW        jsr     GetCoords_X0Y0
1e58: 20 aa 1d                     jsr     GetCommaInt
1e5b: 86 1e                        stx     ARG_ITEM_INDEX
1e5d: 20 aa 1d                     jsr     GetCommaInt
1e60: 86 e8                        stx     ARG_EXT_PTR
1e62: 84 e9                        sty     ARG_EXT_PTR+1
1e64: 4c 21 08                     jmp     BDRW

1e67: 20 8a 1e     Cmd_CIRCLE      jsr     GetOneInt_1f
1e6a: 20 b8 1d                     jsr     GetCoords_X0Y0
1e6d: 20 aa 1d                     jsr     GetCommaInt
1e70: 86 1b                        stx     ARG_RADIUS
1e72: 20 aa 1d                     jsr     GetCommaInt
1e75: 86 1c                        stx     ARG_DRAW_MODE
1e77: 20 aa 1d                     jsr     GetCommaInt
1e7a: 86 ff                        stx     ARG_FF
1e7c: 4c 24 08                     jmp     CIRCLE

1e7f: 20 b8 1d     Cmd_PENGUIN     jsr     GetCoords_X0Y0
1e82: 20 aa 1d                     jsr     GetCommaInt
1e85: 86 1c                        stx     ARG_DRAW_MODE
1e87: 4c 27 08                     jmp     PENGUIN

1e8a: 20 aa 1d     GetOneInt_1f    jsr     GetCommaInt
1e8d: 86 1f                        stx     ARG_COLOR
1e8f: 60                           rts

1e90: 20 8a 1e     Cmd_CDOT        jsr     GetOneInt_1f
1e93: 20 b8 1d                     jsr     GetCoords_X0Y0
1e96: 20 aa 1d                     jsr     GetCommaInt
1e99: 86 1c                        stx     ARG_DRAW_MODE
1e9b: 4c 2a 08                     jmp     CDOT

1e9e: 20 8a 1e     Cmd_CLINE       jsr     GetOneInt_1f
1ea1: 20 b8 1d                     jsr     GetCoords_X0Y0
1ea4: 20 c5 1d                     jsr     GetCoords_X1Y1
1ea7: 20 aa 1d                     jsr     GetCommaInt
1eaa: 86 1c                        stx     ARG_DRAW_MODE
1eac: 4c 30 08                     jmp     CLINE

1eaf: 20 8a 1e     Cmd_CBOX        jsr     GetOneInt_1f
1eb2: 20 b8 1d                     jsr     GetCoords_X0Y0
1eb5: 20 c5 1d                     jsr     GetCoords_X1Y1
1eb8: 20 aa 1d                     jsr     GetCommaInt
1ebb: 86 1c                        stx     ARG_DRAW_MODE
1ebd: 20 aa 1d                     jsr     GetCommaInt
1ec0: 86 ff                        stx     ARG_FF
1ec2: 4c 33 08                     jmp     CBOX

1ec5: 20 8a 1e     Cmd_CCHARSET    jsr     GetOneInt_1f
1ec8: 20 b8 1d                     jsr     GetCoords_X0Y0
1ecb: 20 aa 1d                     jsr     GetCommaInt
1ece: 86 1e                        stx     ARG_ITEM_INDEX
1ed0: 20 aa 1d                     jsr     GetCommaInt
1ed3: 86 e8                        stx     ARG_EXT_PTR
1ed5: 84 e9                        sty     ARG_EXT_PTR+1
1ed7: 20 aa 1d                     jsr     GetCommaInt
1eda: 86 1c                        stx     ARG_DRAW_MODE
1edc: 4c 36 08                     jmp     CCHARSET

1edf: 4c 39 08     Cmd_HIRES       jmp     HIRES_

1ee2: 4c 40 08     Cmd_HROFF       jmp     HROFF

1ee5: 4c 44 08     Cmd_WINDOW      jmp     WINDOW

1ee8: 4c 48 08     Cmd_WNDOFF      jmp     WNDOFF

1eeb: 4c 4c 08     Cmd_DRWPG1      jmp     DRWPG1

1eee: 4c 52 08     Cmd_DRWPG2      jmp     DRWPG2

1ef1: 4c 58 08     Cmd_DISPPG1     jmp     DISPPG1

1ef4: 4c 5c 08     Cmd_DISPPG2     jmp     DISPPG2

Symbol Table