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OILER Disassembly

                   * Caverns of Freitag, by David Shapiro                                         *
                   * Copyright 1982                                                               *
                   *                                                                              *
                   * Disassembly of "OILER".                                                      *
                   * This appears to be some sort of DOS accelerator that gets inserted into the  *
                   * OS.  It's not part of the copy protection, and once the game starts DOS is   *
                   * overwritten.                                                                 *
                   * Disassembly by Andy McFadden, using 6502bench SourceGen v1.5.                *
                   * Last updated 2020/01/21                                                      *
                   DOS_FILE_LENGTH .eq     $aa60  {addr/2}   ;range length for LOAD and BLOAD
                   DOS_FILE_ADDRESS .eq    $aa72  {addr/2}   ;address of last file loaded
                   RWTS_ENTRY      .eq     $b7b5             ;disable interrupts and call RWTS
                   RWTS_PARAM_BLOCK .eq    $b7e8             ;RWTS parameter block
                   RWTS_VOL_EXP    .eq     $b7eb             ;volume number expected (0 matches all)
                   RWTS_TRACK_NUM  .eq     $b7ec             ;track number (0 - 34)
                   RWTS_SECTOR_NUM .eq     $b7ed             ;sector number (0-15)
                   RWTS_BUF        .eq     $b7f0  {addr/2}   ;pointer to data buffer for READ/WRITE

                                   .org    $02de
02de: ad 84 a8     INIT            lda     $a884             ;check DOS command table
02e1: c9 49                        cmp     #ā€˜Iā€™              ;look for 'I' in "INIT"
02e3: d0 05                        bne     L02EA
02e5: a9 20                        lda     #ā€˜ ā€™              ;replace with space to disable cmd
02e7: 8d 84 a8                     sta     $a884
02ea: a9 00        L02EA           lda     #<MAIN            ;replace JMP $A471 with JMP $B700
02ec: 8d 8c a3                     sta     $a38c             ; at end of BLOAD command handler
02ef: a9 b7                        lda     #>MAIN
02f1: 8d 8d a3                     sta     $a38d
02f4: a0 b3                        ldy     #$b3              ;copy stuff into $B700-B7B2
02f6: b9 ff 02     L02F6           lda     L02FF,y           ; $B700-B749 is the DOS 2nd stage boot loader
02f9: 99 ff b6                     sta     MAIN-1,y          ; $B74A-B78C writes DOS to tracks 0-2 during INIT
02fc: 88                           dey                       ; $B78D-B792 unused
02fd: d0 f7                        bne     L02F6             ; $B793-B7B4 read/write a group of pages
02ff: 60           L02FF           rts

                                   .org    $b700
b700: ad 61 aa     MAIN            lda     DOS_FILE_LENGTH+1 ;check high byte of length
b703: f0 04                        beq     :Punt             ;short file? branch
b705: c9 79                        cmp     #$79              ;multiple T/S sectors?
b707: 90 03                        bcc     LB70C             ;size is good, handle it in-house
b709: 4c 71 a4     :Punt           jmp     $a471             ;punt to original routine

                   ]tsListBuffer   .var    $00    {addr/2}   ;from $B5C9
                   ]datSectBuf     .var    $02    {addr/2}   ;from $B5CB
                   ]outBuf         .var    $04    {addr/2}

b70c: a2 05        LB70C           ldx     #$05              ;copy $B5C9-B5CE to $00-05
b70e: b5 00        :Loop           lda     ]tsListBuffer,x   ; B5C9: address of T/S list sector buffer
b710: 48                           pha                       ; B5CB: address of data sector buffer
b711: bd c9 b5                     lda     $b5c9,x           ; B5CD: address of next buffer on chain (not used)
b714: 95 00                        sta     ]tsListBuffer,x   ;previous contents are pushed on stack
b716: ca                           dex
b717: 10 f5                        bpl     :Loop
                   ; get to work
b719: ad 72 aa                     lda     DOS_FILE_ADDRESS
b71c: 18                           clc
b71d: 69 fc                        adc     #$fc
b71f: 85 04                        sta     ]outBuf
b721: 8d f0 b7                     sta     RWTS_BUF
b724: a9 00                        lda     #$00
b726: 8d eb b7                     sta     RWTS_VOL_EXP
b729: 6d 73 aa                     adc     DOS_FILE_ADDRESS+1
b72c: 85 05                        sta     ]outBuf+1
b72e: c6 05                        dec     ]outBuf+1
b730: 8d f1 b7                     sta     RWTS_BUF+1
b733: a0 ff                        ldy     #$ff
b735: b1 02        :Loop           lda     (]datSectBuf),y
b737: 91 04                        sta     (]outBuf),y
b739: 88                           dey
b73a: c0 03                        cpy     #$03
b73c: d0 f7                        bne     :Loop
b73e: ad 60 aa                     lda     DOS_FILE_LENGTH
b741: c9 fd                        cmp     #$fd
b743: ad 61 aa                     lda     DOS_FILE_LENGTH+1
b746: 69 00                        adc     #$00
b748: 85 04                        sta     ]outBuf
b74a: a9 0e                        lda     #$0e
b74c: 85 05                        sta     ]outBuf+1
b74e: a4 05        :ReadLoop       ldy     ]outBuf+1
b750: b1 00                        lda     (]tsListBuffer),y
b752: 8d ec b7                     sta     RWTS_TRACK_NUM
b755: c8                           iny
b756: b1 00                        lda     (]tsListBuffer),y
b758: 8d ed b7                     sta     RWTS_SECTOR_NUM
b75b: c8                           iny
b75c: 84 05                        sty     ]outBuf+1
b75e: c6 04                        dec     ]outBuf
b760: f0 0e                        beq     LB770
b762: a0 e8                        ldy     #<RWTS_PARAM_BLOCK
b764: a9 b7                        lda     #>RWTS_PARAM_BLOCK
b766: 20 b5 b7                     jsr     RWTS_ENTRY
b769: ee f1 b7                     inc     RWTS_BUF+1
b76c: 90 e0                        bcc     :ReadLoop
b76e: b0 2c                        bcs     RestoreAndExit    ;failed

b770: ad f0 b7     LB770           lda     RWTS_BUF
b773: 85 04                        sta     ]outBuf
b775: ad f1 b7                     lda     RWTS_BUF+1
b778: 85 05                        sta     ]outBuf+1
b77a: a5 02                        lda     ]datSectBuf
b77c: 8d f0 b7                     sta     RWTS_BUF
b77f: a5 03                        lda     ]datSectBuf+1
b781: 8d f1 b7                     sta     RWTS_BUF+1
b784: a0 e8                        ldy     #$e8
b786: a9 b7                        lda     #$b7
b788: 20 b5 b7                     jsr     RWTS_ENTRY
b78b: b0 0f                        bcs     RestoreAndExit
b78d: ad 60 aa                     lda     DOS_FILE_LENGTH
b790: 69 04                        adc     #$04
b792: a8                           tay
b793: 18                           clc
b794: 88           LB794           dey
b795: b1 02                        lda     (]datSectBuf),y
b797: 91 04                        sta     (]outBuf),y
b799: 98                           tya
b79a: d0 f8                        bne     LB794
                   ; restore $00-05
b79c: a0 05        RestoreAndExit  ldy     #$05
b79e: a2 00                        ldx     #$00
b7a0: 86 48                        stx     $48
b7a2: 68           :Loop           pla
b7a3: 95 00                        sta     ]tsListBuffer,x
b7a5: e8                           inx
b7a6: 88                           dey
b7a7: 10 f9                        bpl     :Loop
b7a9: b0 03                        bcs     ReportError
b7ab: 4c ea a2                     jmp     $a2ea             ;CLOSE command handler

b7ae: a9 08        ReportError     lda     #$08
b7b0: 4c d2 a6                     jmp     $a6d2             ;error handler

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