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SSC Disassembly

                   * Apple II SSC Firmware                                                        *
                   *                                                                              *
                   *   By Larry Kenyon                                                            *
                   *    -January 1981-                                                            *
                   *                                                                              *
                   * (C) Copyright 1981 by Apple Computer, Inc.                                   *
                   * This is a disassembly of the Super Serial Card (SSC) ROM, based on the       *
                   * listing in _Super Serial Card Installation and Operating Manual_ (starting   *
                   * on page 58).  The ROM binary is from AppleWin's "SSC.rom", which puts the    *
                   * $C200 code at the end rather than the start.                                 *
                   * Project created by Andy McFadden, using 6502bench SourceGen v1.7.4.          *
                   * Last updated 2021/06/11                                                      *
                   * Notes on declarations...                                                     *
                   *                                                                              *
                   * *** SSC Card Addresses ***                                                   *
                   *                                                                              *
                   *  Bit-> B7  B6  B5  B4  B3  B2  B1  B0                                        *
                   *        +----------------------------+                                        *
                   * DIPSW1 S1  S2  S3  S4  Z   Z   S5  S6  (left dipswitch)                      *
                   *                                                                              *
                   * (S1-S4 used for baud rate, S5-S6 for firmware mode)                          *
                   *                                                                              *
                   * DIPSW2 S1  Z   S2  Z   S3  S4  S5  CTS (right dipswitch)                     *
                   *                                                                              *
                   * STREG  INT DSR DCD TDR RDR OVR FE  PE                                        *
                   *                                                                              *
                   * CTLREG STB << WL >> CK << BAUD RATE >>                                       *
                   *                                                                              *
                   * CMDREG <<PARITY >> ECH <<XMIT>> RE DTR                                       *
                   *                                                                              *
                   *                                                                              *
                   * *** Screen Variables: PPC and SIC modes ***                                  *
                   * STATEFLG ($578-$C0):                                                         *
                   *  B7=CR gen enb flag  B6=after LC input flg                                   *
                   *  B2-B0=command interpreter states                                            *
                   *    0 0 0  idle                                                               *
                   *    0 0 1  cmd char received                                                  *
                   *    0 1 0  collect <N> until char then do command                             *
                   *    0 1 1  skip until space, then goto state 4                                *
                   *    1 0 0  E/D commands                                                       *
                   *    1 0 1  unused                                                             *
                   *    1 1 0  wait until CR then set state to zero                               *
                   *    1 1 1  wait until CR then do proc indicated by parm                       *
                   *                                                                              *
                   *  (B4-B0 determine enquire char for P8A mode)                                 *
                   *                                                                              *
                   *  CIC mode:                                                                   *
                   *   B7=terminal mode flag                                                      *
                   *   B3-B5=chain slot                                                           *
                   *                                                                              *
                   * DELAYFLG ($478-$C0):                                                         *
                   *  B7-B6=screen translation options                                            *
                   *   0 0   LC->UC                                                               *
                   *   0 1   no translation                                                       *
                   *   1 0   LC->UC inverse                                                       *
                   *   1 1   LC->UC, UC->UC inverse                                               *
                   *   (1-3 will allow LC chars to pass thru monitor)                             *
                   *                                                                              *
                   *  B5-B4=CR delay   0 0 = no delay                                             *
                   *  B3-B2=LF delay   0 1 = 32 millisec                                          *
                   *  B1-B0=FF delay   1 0 = 1/4 sec                                              *
                   *                   1 1 = 2 sec                                                *
                   *                                                                              *
                   * MISCFLG ($7f8-$C0):                                                          *
                   *  B7=echo bit        B6=tabbing option enable                                 *
                   *  B5=linefeed eat    B4=Pascal/BASIC flag                                     *
                   *  B3=XOFF enb flag   B2=keyboard enb                                          *
                   *  B1=PPC/CIC mode    B0=LF generate enb                                       *
                   *                                                                              *
                   *  CIC mode: B6=term mode shift enb                                            *
                   PARAMETER       .eq     $0438  {const}    ;accumulator for cmd parameter
                   CHNBYTE         .eq     $0638  {const}    ;current output screen ($CN00 entry)
                   BUFBYTE         .eq     $06b8  {const}    ;buffer for one input byte
                   MON_CH          .eq     $24               ;cursor horizontal displacement
                   SLOT16          .eq     $26               ;save $NO to free up Y-reg
                   CHARACTER       .eq     $27               ;output, screen and input chars
                   MON_BASL        .eq     $28               ;base address for text output (lo)
                   ZPTMP1          .eq     $2a               ;when ZPTEMP isn't enough
                   ZPTMP2          .eq     $2b               ;temporaries, temporaries!
                   ZPTEMP          .eq     $35               ;workhorse temporary
                   MON_CSWL        .eq     $36               ;character output hook (lo)
                   MON_CSWH        .eq     $37               ;character output hook (hi)
                   MON_KSWL        .eq     $38               ;character input hook (lo)
                   MON_KSWH        .eq     $39               ;character input hook (hi)
                   MON_A1L         .eq     $3c               ;general purpose
                   MON_RNDL        .eq     $4e               ;low byte of KEYIN "random" value
                   MON_RNDH        .eq     $4f               ;high byte of KEYIN "random" value
                   STACK           .eq     $0100  {addr/256} ;system stack block
                   INBUFF          .eq     $0200  {addr/256} ;system input buffer
                   DELAYFLG        .eq     $03b8             ;(see notes)
                   HANDSHKE        .eq     $0438             ;SIC P8A char counter for ETX/ACK
                   STATEFLG        .eq     $04b8             ;(see notes)
                   CMDBYTE         .eq     $0538             ;holds command character (PPC & CIC)
                   STSBYTE         .eq     $05b8             ;status/ioresult/input byte
                   PWDBYTE         .eq     $0638             ;printer (format) width
                   COLBYTE         .eq     $06b8             ;column position counter
                   MISCFLG         .eq     $0738             ;(see notes)
                   MSLOT           .eq     $07f8             ;buffer for hi slot addr ($CN)
                   KBD             .eq     $c000             ;R last key pressed + 128
                   KBDSTRB         .eq     $c010             ;RW keyboard strobe
                   DIPSW1          .eq     $c081             ;(+$NO) dipswitch block 1
                   DIPSW2          .eq     $c082             ;(+$NO) dipswitch block 2
                   RDREG           .eq     $c088             ;(+$NO) read data reg (read)
                   RESET           .eq     $c089             ;(+$NO) software reset (write)
                   STREG           .eq     $c089             ;(+$NO) status register (read)
                   CMDREG          .eq     $c08a             ;(+$NO) command register (R/W)
                   CTLREG          .eq     $c08b             ;(+$NO) control register (R/W)
                   CLRROM          .eq     $cfff             ;disable slot C8 ROM
                   MON_NXTA1       .eq     $fcba             ;increment A1; set carry if A1 >= A2 before inc
                   MON_COUT        .eq     $fded             ;print Acc to output device via $36-37
                   MON_COUTZ       .eq     $fdf6
                   MON_SETKBD      .eq     $fe89             ;reset char input handler to ROM
                   MON_SETVID      .eq     $fe93             ;reset char output handler to ROM
                   MON_IORTS       .eq     $ff58             ;JSR here to find out where one is

                                   .org    $c800
                   *                                                                              *
                   * C800 space: high level stuff.                                                *
                   *                                                                              *
c800: 20 9b c9     PASCALINIT      jsr     PENTRY            ;Pascal 1.0 initialization entry
c803: a9 16                        lda     #$16              ;no XOFF, echo, LF eat, or LF gen
c805: 48           INIT1           pha                       ;goes to MISCFLG after modification
c806: a9 00                        lda     #$00
c808: 9d b8 04                     sta     STATEFLG,x
c80b: 9d b8 03                     sta     DELAYFLG,x
c80e: 9d 38 04                     sta     HANDSHKE,x
c811: 9d b8 05                     sta     STSBYTE,x
c814: 9d 38 06                     sta     PWDBYTE,x
c817: 9d b8 06                     sta     COLBYTE,x
c81a: b9 82 c0                     lda     DIPSW2,y          ;set LF gen option from D2-S5
c81d: 85 2b                        sta     ZPTMP2            ;save for later
c81f: 4a                           lsr     A                 ;S5-> carry
c820: 4a                           lsr     A                 ;if S5=on=0 then leave MISCFLG alone
c821: 90 04                        bcc     INIT1A
c823: 68                           pla                       ;otherwise, make sure LF gen
c824: 29 fe                        and     #$fe              ; enable is reset
c826: 48                           pha
c827: b8           INIT1A          clv                       ;V will be clear for CIC mode
c828: b9 81 c0                     lda     DIPSW1,y
c82b: 4a                           lsr     A                 ;SIC modes set carry
c82c: b0 07                        bcs     INIT2             ;branch for SIC modes
c82e: 4a                           lsr     A
c82f: b0 0e                        bcs     INIT2B            ;PPC mode branch
c831: a9 01                        lda     #$01              ;Ctl-A
c833: d0 3d                        bne     INIT5             ;<always> CIC mode branch

c835: 4a           INIT2           lsr     A                 ;set carry for P8A
c836: a9 03                        lda     #$03              ;set ETX as default inquiry char
c838: b0 02                        bcs     INIT2A            ;branch for P8A
c83a: a9 80                        lda     #$80              ;for P8 set auto CR gen
c83c: 9d b8 04     INIT2A          sta     STATEFLG,x
c83f: 2c 58 ff     INIT2B          bit     MON_IORTS         ;set V-flag for PPC, SIC modes
c842: a5 2b                        lda     ZPTMP2
c844: 29 20                        and     #$20              ;set CR delay
c846: 49 20                        eor     #$20              ;SO 1=ENB, 0=DISABLE
c848: 9d b8 03                     sta     DELAYFLG,x        ; from D2-S2
c84b: 70 0a                        bvs     INIT3             ;<always> branch around Pascal
                   ; Pascal 1.0 read entry (must be at $C84D).
c84d: 20 9b c8                     jsr     PASCALREAD        ;do Pascal 1.1 read
c850: ae f8 07                     ldx     MSLOT             ;modify for 1.0
c853: 9d b8 05                     sta     STSBYTE,x         ;character read
c856: 60                           rts

                   ; Now where were we?
c857: a5 2b        INIT3           lda     ZPTMP2            ;PPC, SIC modes use switches
c859: 4a                           lsr     A                 ; to set pwidth, CR delay
c85a: 4a                           lsr     A
c85b: 29 03                        and     #$03
c85d: a8                           tay
c85e: f0 04                        beq     INIT4
c860: 68                           pla                       ;reset video enable for pwidth#40
c861: 29 7f                        and     #$7f
c863: 48                           pha
c864: b9 a6 c9     INIT4           lda     PWDTBL,y
c867: 9d 38 06                     sta     PWDBYTE,x
c86a: a4 26                        ldy     SLOT16
c86c: 68                           pla                       ;clear CIC bit in future MISCFLG
c86d: 29 95                        and     #$95              ; (and tabbing, XOFF and LF eat bits)
c86f: 48                           pha
c870: a9 09                        lda     #$09              ;Ctl-I
c872: 9d 38 05     INIT5           sta     CMDBYTE,x         ;cmd ESC char (ignored for SIC modes)
c875: 68                           pla
c876: 9d 38 07                     sta     MISCFLG,x         ;set MISCFLG flags
                   ; Now for the ACIA initialization routine.
c879: a5 2b        INITACIA        lda     ZPTMP2            ;DIPSW2
c87b: 48                           pha
c87c: 29 a0                        and     #$a0              ;data bit options for CIC mode
c87e: 50 02                        bvc     INITACIA1         ;branch for CIC mode
c880: 29 80                        and     #$80              ;8 data, 1 or 2 stop for SIC, PPC
c882: 20 a1 cd     INITACIA1       jsr     DATACMD1          ;set control reg
c885: 20 81 cd                     jsr     BAUDCMD1          ;set dipswitch baud rate
c888: 68                           pla
c889: 29 0c                        and     #$0c              ;parity options for CIC mode
c88b: 50 02                        bvc     INITACIA2         ;branch for CIC mode
c88d: a9 00                        lda     #$00              ;disable parity for SIC, PPC modes
c88f: 0a           INITACIA2       asl     A
c890: 0a                           asl     A
c891: 0a                           asl     A
c892: 09 0b                        ora     #$0b
c894: 99 8a c0                     sta     CMDREG,y
c897: b9 88 c0                     lda     RDREG,y           ;throw out the strange stuff
c89a: 60                           rts

                   ; Pascal read routine.
c89b: 20 9b c9     PASCALREAD      jsr     PENTRY            ;shared by both Pascal versions
c89e: 20 aa c8                     jsr     GETCHAR           ;get ACIA/KBD data
c8a1: 29 7f                        and     #$7f              ;clear high bit for Pascal
c8a3: ac f8 07     PASEXIT         ldy     MSLOT
c8a6: be b8 05                     ldx     STSBYTE,y         ;error status-> X-reg
c8a9: 60                           rts

                   ; GETCHAR routine waits for the next char from either the ACIA or keyboard (if
                   ; enabled).  Used by Pascal read routine, XON wait, and ACK wait.  Data is
                   ; returned in the A-register.
c8aa: 20 ff ca     GETCHAR         jsr     INPUT             ;ACIA data?
c8ad: b0 05                        bcs     GETCHAR1
c8af: 20 2c cc                     jsr     CKKBD             ;keyboard input?
c8b2: 90 f6                        bcc     GETCHAR
c8b4: 60           GETCHAR1        rts                       ;exit when we have something

                   ; CIC exit routine.
c8b5: 20 1e ca     CICEXIT         jsr     CHECKTERM         ;see if we've entered terminal mode
                   ; BASIC exit routine.
c8b8: 68           BASICEXIT       pla
c8b9: a8                           tay
c8ba: 68                           pla
c8bb: aa                           tax
c8bc: a5 27                        lda     CHARACTER
c8be: 60                           rts

                   ; BASIC input routine.
c8bf: f0 29        BINPUT          beq     BINACIA           ;branch if not CIC mode
c8c1: bd b8 06                     lda     COLBYTE,x         ;input buffer full?
c8c4: 10 05                        bpl     BINKBD
c8c6: 5e b8 06                     lsr     COLBYTE,x         ;reset buffer full
c8c9: d0 24                        bne     BINACIA1          ;<always>

c8cb: 20 3e cc     BINKBD          jsr     GETKBD            ;keyboard data?
c8ce: 90 1a                        bcc     BINACIA
c8d0: bd b8 03     BINEND          lda     DELAYFLG,x
c8d3: 29 c0                        and     #$c0              ;translate lowercase to uppercase?
c8d5: f0 0e                        beq     BINEND1           ;if so, let the monitor do it
c8d7: a5 27                        lda     CHARACTER         ;if not, set flag if
c8d9: c9 e0                        cmp     #$e0              ; this is a lowercase char
c8db: 90 08                        bcc     BINEND1           ; for input buffer correction
c8dd: bd b8 04                     lda     STATEFLG,x        ; (circumvent Apple monitor)
c8e0: 09 40                        ora     #$40
c8e2: 9d b8 04                     sta     STATEFLG,x
c8e5: 28           BINEND1         plp
c8e6: f0 d0                        beq     BASICEXIT         ;branch if not CIC mode
c8e8: d0 cb                        bne     CICEXIT           ;<always> check to see if we entered term mode (via kybd escape)

c8ea: 20 ff ca     BINACIA         jsr     INPUT             ;ACIA data?
c8ed: 90 dc                        bcc     BINKBD
c8ef: 20 11 cc     BINACIA1        jsr     RESTORE           ;do BASIC cursed duty
c8f2: 28                           plp
c8f3: 08                           php                       ;get CIC mode indicator
c8f4: f0 da                        beq     BINEND            ;skip if not CIC mode
c8f6: 20 d1 c9                     jsr     CKINPUT           ;look for input stream special chars
c8f9: 4c d0 c8     LC8F9           jmp     BINEND

                   ; SIC, PPC BASIC output routine.
c8fc: 20 1a cb     SEROUT          jsr     CMDSEQCK          ;check for a command sequence
c8ff: b0 b7                        bcs     BASICEXIT         ;branch if we were in command mode
c901: a5 27                        lda     CHARACTER         ;save char on stack
c903: 48                           pha
c904: bd 38 07                     lda     MISCFLG,x         ;if video or tabbing enabled,
c907: 29 c0                        and     #$c0              ; don't mess with the cursor
c909: d0 16                        bne     TABCHECK
c90b: a5 24                        lda     MON_CH            ;check for comma tabbing
c90d: f0 42                        beq     NOTAB             ;if CH=0, there was no tab or comma
c90f: c9 08                        cmp     #8                ;Integer BASIC comma?
c911: f0 04                        beq     COMMA
c913: c9 10                        cmp     #16               ;Applesoft comma?
c915: d0 0a                        bne     TABCHECK
c917: 09 f0        COMMA           ora     #$f0
c919: 3d b8 06                     and     COLBYTE,x         ;set col to previous tab
c91c: 18                           clc
c91d: 65 24                        adc     MON_CH            ;then increment to next tab
c91f: 85 24                        sta     MON_CH
c921: bd b8 06     TABCHECK        lda     COLBYTE,x
c924: c5 24                        cmp     MON_CH            ;is tabbing needed?
c926: f0 29                        beq     NOTAB             ;if equal then no tab needed
c928: a9 a0                        lda     #$a0              ;space for forward tab
c92a: 90 08                        bcc     TAB1
c92c: bd 38 07                     lda     MISCFLG,x         ;don't backspace unless tabbing
c92f: 0a                           asl     A                 ; option is enabled
c930: 10 1f                        bpl     NOTAB
c932: a9 88                        lda     #$88              ;backspace for backtab
c934: 85 27        TAB1            sta     CHARACTER
c936: 2c 58 ff                     bit     MON_IORTS         ;set V=1 to indicate tabbing
c939: 08                           php                       ;save tabbing indicator
c93a: 70 0c                        bvs     TAB2              ;<always> around batch move entry

c93c: ea                           nop
                   ; Short batch move: locate at $C93D for compatibility with SIC P8 block move.
c93d: 2c 58 ff     BATCHIN         bit     MON_IORTS         ;[known $60; always sets V-flag]
c940: 50                           bvc ▼   LC8F9+1           ;dummy BVC
c941: b8           BATCHOUT        clv                       ;V=0 for output entry
c942: ae f8 07                     ldx     MSLOT
c945: 4c ef c9                     jmp     BATCHIO

                   ; Burp . . .
c948: 20 b5 c9     TAB2            jsr     ADJUST            ;adjust column count
c94b: 20 6b cb                     jsr     OUTPUT2           ;don't go to screen when tabbing
c94e: 4c 68 c9                     jmp     FORCECR           ;share some code. . .

c951: 68           NOTAB           pla
c952: b8                           clv
c953: 08                           php                       ;save 'no tab' indication
c954: 85 27        NOTAB1          sta     CHARACTER         ;(force CR reentry)
c956: 48                           pha
c957: 20 68 cb                     jsr     OUTPUT1           ;enter after cmd seq check
c95a: 20 b5 c9                     jsr     ADJUST
c95d: 68                           pla
c95e: 49 8d                        eor     #$8d              ;was it a CR?
c960: 0a                           asl     A
c961: d0 05                        bne     FORCECR
c963: 9d b8 06                     sta     COLBYTE,x         ;if so, reset column to 0
c966: 85 24                        sta     MON_CH
c968: bd b8 04     FORCECR         lda     STATEFLG,x        ;force CR disabled?
c96b: 10 0d                        bpl     SEREND
c96d: bd 38 06                     lda     PWDBYTE,x         ;force CR if limit reached
c970: f0 08                        beq     SEREND            ;(for P8 poke compatibility)
c972: 18                           clc
c973: fd b8 06                     sbc     COLBYTE,x
c976: a9 8d                        lda     #$8d
c978: 90 da                        bcc     NOTAB1            ;branch to force CR
c97a: 28           SEREND          plp
c97b: 70 a4                        bvs     TABCHECK          ;branch if tabbing
c97d: bd 38 07                     lda     MISCFLG,x         ;don't mess with cursor
c980: 30 16                        bmi     SEREND2           ; when video is on
c982: bc b8 06                     ldy     COLBYTE,x
c985: 0a                           asl     A
c986: 30 0e                        bmi     SETCH             ;set CH to value of col for tabbing
c988: 98                           tya
c989: a0 00                        ldy     #0
c98b: 38                           sec
c98c: fd 38 06                     sbc     PWDBYTE,x
c98f: c9 f8                        cmp     #$f8              ;within 8 chars of pwidth?
c991: 90 03                        bcc     SETCH
c993: 69 27                        adc     #$27              ;if so, adjust to within 8 of 40
c995: a8                           tay
c996: 84 24        SETCH           sty     MON_CH
c998: 4c b8 c8     SEREND2         jmp     BASICEXIT         ;that's all

                   ; Pascal entry routine.
c99b: 8e f8 07     PENTRY          stx     MSLOT
c99e: 84 26                        sty     SLOT16
c9a0: a9 00                        lda     #0
c9a2: 9d b8 05                     sta     STSBYTE,x
c9a5: 60                           rts

                   ; SIC mode printer width table.
c9a6: 29           PWDTBL          .dd1    $29               ;40 columns
c9a7: 48                           .dd1    $48               ;72 columns
c9a8: 50                           .dd1    $50               ;80 columns
c9a9: 84                           .dd1    $84               ;132 columns

                   ; Pascal write routine (doubles as Pascal 1.0 entry point)
                   ;  - must be at $C9AA -
c9aa: 85 27        PASCALWRITE     sta     CHARACTER
c9ac: 20 9b c9                     jsr     PENTRY
c9af: 20 63 cb                     jsr     OUTPUT
c9b2: 4c a3 c8                     jmp     PASEXIT           ;load X-reg with error byte & RTS

                   ; Column adjust routine (PPC, SIC modes only).
c9b5: a5 27        ADJUST          lda     CHARACTER
c9b7: 49 08                        eor     #$08              ;backspace?
c9b9: 0a                           asl     A
c9ba: f0 04                        beq     DECRCOL           ;if so, decrement column
c9bc: 49 ee                        eor     #$ee              ;delete? ($ff, rub)
c9be: d0 09                        bne     CTRLTST
c9c0: de b8 06     DECRCOL         dec     COLBYTE,x         ;decrement column count
c9c3: 10 03                        bpl     ADJRTS
c9c5: 9d b8 06                     sta     COLBYTE,x         ;don't allow to go below 0
c9c8: 60           ADJRTS          rts

c9c9: c9 c0        CTRLTST         cmp     #$c0              ;don't increment column count for
c9cb: b0 fb                        bcs     ADJRTS            ; control characters
c9cd: fe b8 06                     inc     COLBYTE,x
c9d0: 60                           rts

                   ; Routine to process special input chars.
c9d1: bd 38 07     CKINPUT         lda     MISCFLG,x
c9d4: 29 08                        and     #$08              ;input ctl chars enabled?
c9d6: f0 16                        beq     CIEND
c9d8: bd b8 04                     lda     STATEFLG,x
c9db: a4 27                        ldy     CHARACTER
c9dd: c0 94                        cpy     #$94              ;Ctl-T?
c9df: d0 04                        bne     CKINPUT1
c9e1: 09 80                        ora     #$80              ;set terminal mode
c9e3: d0 06                        bne     CKINPUT2          ;<always>

c9e5: c0 92        CKINPUT1        cpy     #$92              ;Control-R?
c9e7: d0 05                        bne     CIEND
c9e9: 29 7f                        and     #$7f              ;reset terminal mode
c9eb: 9d b8 04     CKINPUT2        sta     STATEFLG,x
c9ee: 60           CIEND           rts

                   ; Short block move.
c9ef: 8a           BATCHIO         txa
c9f0: 0a                           asl     A
c9f1: 0a                           asl     A
c9f2: 0a                           asl     A
c9f3: 0a                           asl     A
c9f4: 85 26                        sta     SLOT16
c9f6: a9 00                        lda     #0
c9f8: 9d b8 05                     sta     STSBYTE,x         ;zero error indication
c9fb: 70 0f                        bvs     MOVIN
c9fd: a0 00        MOVOUT          ldy     #$00
c9ff: b1 3c                        lda     (MON_A1L),y       ;get buffer data
ca01: 85 27                        sta     CHARACTER
ca03: 20 02 cc                     jsr     ACIAOUT           ;send it out the ACIA
ca06: 20 ba fc                     jsr     MON_NXTA1
ca09: 90 f2                        bcc     MOVOUT
ca0b: 60                           rts

ca0c: 20 d2 ca     MOVIN           jsr     SRIN
ca0f: 90 fb                        bcc     MOVIN
ca11: b9 88 c0                     lda     RDREG,y
ca14: a0 00                        ldy     #0
ca16: 91 3c                        sta     (MON_A1L),y       ;put ACIA data into buffer
ca18: 20 ba fc                     jsr     MON_NXTA1
ca1b: 90 ef                        bcc     MOVIN
ca1d: 60                           rts

                   *                                                                              *
                   * Terminal mode routines.                                                      *
                   *                                                                              *
ca1e: bd b8 04     CHECKTERM       lda     STATEFLG,x        ;have we entered terminal mode?
ca21: 10 31                        bpl     TERMRTS           ;if not, a simple RTS will do. . .
                   ; We enter the world of terminal mode.
ca23: a9 02                        lda     #$02              ;start in shift-lock state
ca25: 48                           pha                       ;shift state is saved on stack
ca26: a9 7f                        lda     #$7f
ca28: 20 e2 cd                     jsr     KCMD1             ;reset echo (default to full dup)
ca2b: a4 24        TERMNEXT        ldy     MON_CH
ca2d: b1 28                        lda     (MON_BASL),y
ca2f: 85 27                        sta     CHARACTER         ;save screen character
ca31: a9 07        TERMNEXT1       lda     #$07              ;implement a flashing underline
ca33: 25 4f                        and     MON_RNDH          ; for a cursor
ca35: d0 10                        bne     TERMNEXT3
ca37: a4 24                        ldy     MON_CH
ca39: a9 df                        lda     #$df
ca3b: d1 28                        cmp     (MON_BASL),y      ;is underline on the screen?
ca3d: d0 02                        bne     TERMNEXT2         ;if not, put it there
ca3f: a5 27                        lda     CHARACTER         ;otherwise use true screen char
ca41: 91 28        TERMNEXT2       sta     (MON_BASL),y
ca43: e6 4f                        inc     MON_RNDH          ;make it flash, but
ca45: e6 4f                        inc     MON_RNDH          ;not too slow and not too fast
ca47: bd b8 04     TERMNEXT3       lda     STATEFLG,x        ;are we still in term mode?
ca4a: 30 09                        bmi     TERMACIAIN        ;if so, go check ACIA
ca4c: 20 11 cc                     jsr     RESTORE           ;always replace our cursor
ca4f: 68                           pla                       ;clean up the stack
ca50: a9 8d                        lda     #$8d              ;return a <CR> to cover up
ca52: 85 27                        sta     CHARACTER
ca54: 60           TERMRTS         rts

ca55: 20 ff ca     TERMACIAIN      jsr     INPUT             ;ACIA input?
ca58: 90 0c                        bcc     TERMKBDIN         ;if not, go check keyboard
ca5a: 20 11 cc                     jsr     RESTORE           ;restore cursor, input->character
ca5d: 20 d1 c9                     jsr     CKINPUT           ;check for Ctl-T, Ctl-R
ca60: 20 a3 cc                     jsr     SCREENOUT1        ;input->screen always
ca63: 4c 2b ca                     jmp     TERMNEXT

ca66: 20 3e cc     TERMKBDIN       jsr     GETKBD            ;keypress?
ca69: 90 c6                        bcc     TERMNEXT1         ;skip if not
ca6b: 70 be                        bvs     TERMNEXT          ;branch if we did a kbd escape seq.
ca6d: bd 38 07                     lda     MISCFLG,x         ;shifting enabled?
ca70: 0a                           asl     A
ca71: 10 22                        bpl     TERMSEND1
ca73: 68                           pla                       ;recover termstate
ca74: a8                           tay
ca75: a5 27                        lda     CHARACTER
ca77: c0 01                        cpy     #1                ;1 = shift letters, xlate numbers
ca79: f0 20                        beq     TERMCAP
ca7b: b0 34                        bcs     TERMLOCK          ;2 means caps lock mode
ca7d: c9 9b        TERMNORM        cmp     #$9b              ;ESC?
ca7f: d0 06                        bne     TERMLETTER
ca81: c8           TERMINC         iny                       ;increment status
ca82: 98           TERMINC1        tya
ca83: 48                           pha                       ;put back on stack
ca84: 4c 2b ca                     jmp     TERMNEXT

ca87: c9 c1        TERMLETTER      cmp     #$c1              ;<A?
ca89: 90 08                        bcc     TERMSEND
ca8b: c9 db                        cmp     #$db              ;>Z?
ca8d: b0 04                        bcs     TERMSEND
ca8f: 09 20                        ora     #$20              ;it's a letter so translate to LC
ca91: 85 27                        sta     CHARACTER
ca93: 98           TERMSEND        tya
ca94: 48                           pha                       ;put state back on stack
ca95: 20 68 cb     TERMSEND1       jsr     OUTPUT1           ;go output
ca98: 4c 2b ca                     jmp     TERMNEXT

ca9b: c9 9b        TERMCAP         cmp     #$9b              ;two escapes?
ca9d: f0 e2                        beq     TERMINC
ca9f: c9 b0                        cmp     #$b0              ;<0?
caa1: 90 0a                        bcc     TERMCAP1
caa3: c9 bb                        cmp     #$bb              ;>colon?
caa5: b0 06                        bcs     TERMCAP1
                   ; ESC <number> so translate into missing ASCII char.
caa7: a8                           tay
caa8: b9 09 ca                     lda     TRANSLATE-176,y
caab: 85 27                        sta     CHARACTER
caad: a0 00        TERMCAP1        ldy     #0                ;back to state 0
caaf: f0 e2                        beq     TERMSEND          ;<always>

cab1: c9 9b        TERMLOCK        cmp     #$9b              ;ESC?
cab3: d0 de                        bne     TERMSEND
cab5: a0 00                        ldy     #0
cab7: f0 c9                        beq     TERMINC1          ;<always>

                   ; Translate table.
cab9: 9b           TRANSLATE       .dd1    $9b               ;ESC
caba: 9c                           .dd1    $9c               ;FS
cabb: 9f                           .dd1    $9f               ;US
cabc: db                           .dd1    $db               ;left bracket
cabd: dc                           .dd1    $dc               ;left slash
cabe: df                           .dd1    $df               ;underscore
cabf: fb                           .dd1    $fb               ;left enclose
cac0: fc                           .dd1    $fc               ;vertical bar
cac1: fd                           .dd1    $fd               ;right enclose
cac2: fe                           .dd1    $fe               ;tilde
cac3: ff                           .dd1    $ff               ;rub

                   ; General purpose wait routine.
                   ; WAITMS wait for [A-reg] milliseconds (256 if A-reg=0).
cac4: a2 ca        WAITMS          ldx     #202
cac6: ca           WAITMS1         dex                       ;<don't let this loop cross a page>
cac7: d0 fd                        bne     WAITMS1           ;5 microsecond loop
cac9: 38                           sec
caca: e9 01                        sbc     #$01
cacc: d0 f6                        bne     WAITMS
cace: ae f8 07                     ldx     MSLOT
cad1: 60                           rts

                   ; ACIA status register read routines.
cad2: a4 26        SRIN            ldy     SLOT16            ;SLOT16=$NO
cad4: b9 89 c0                     lda     STREG,y
cad7: 48                           pha
cad8: 29 20                        and     #$20              ;DCD?
cada: 4a                           lsr     A                 ;an error if not
cadb: 4a                           lsr     A
cadc: 85 35                        sta     ZPTEMP
cade: 68                           pla
cadf: 29 0f                        and     #$0f
cae1: c9 08                        cmp     #$08              ;set carry if RDR full, else clear
cae3: 90 04                        bcc     SRIN1
cae5: 29 07                        and     #$07              ;PE, FE, OVR valid only when RDR=1
cae7: b0 02                        bcs     SRIN2             ;<always>

cae9: a5 35        SRIN1           lda     ZPTEMP
caeb: 05 35        SRIN2           ora     ZPTEMP            ;get CDC error bit
caed: f0 05                        beq     SRIN3             ;branch if no errors found
caef: 09 20                        ora     #$20              ;else set bit 5 to offset for Pascal
caf1: 9d b8 05                     sta     STSBYTE,x         ;and save in status temp
caf4: 60           SRIN3           rts                       ;CY=1 means data is available

                   ; SROUT checks if TDR is empty + hardware handshake is OK.
caf5: a4 26        SROUT           ldy     SLOT16
caf7: b9 89 c0                     lda     STREG,y
cafa: 29 70                        and     #$70
cafc: c9 10                        cmp     #$10              ;equ if TDR empty, DCD, DSR, & CTS
cafe: 60                           rts

                   ; General input routine.
caff: 20 d2 ca     INPUT           jsr     SRIN
cb02: 90 15                        bcc     NOINPUT1
cb04: b9 88 c0                     lda     RDREG,y           ;get the ACIA input
cb07: 09 80                        ora     #$80              ;set hi bit for BASIC
cb09: c9 8a                        cmp     #$8a              ;linefeed?
cb0b: d0 09                        bne     INPUT2
cb0d: a8                           tay
cb0e: bd 38 07                     lda     MISCFLG,x         ;see if we should eat it
cb11: 29 20                        and     #$20
cb13: d0 03                        bne     NOINPUT           ;if so, just keep it a secret
cb15: 98                           tya
cb16: 38           INPUT2          sec                       ;indicate data
cb17: 60                           rts

cb18: 18           NOINPUT         clc                       ;carry clear for no input
cb19: 60           NOINPUT1        rts

                   ; General output routine.
                   ; Start of command check routine.
cb1a: a4 26        CMDSEQCK        ldy     SLOT16
cb1c: b9 81 c0                     lda     DIPSW1,y
cb1f: 4a                           lsr     A
cb20: b0 36                        bcs     NOCMD             ;don't worry about cmd seq for SIC
cb22: bd b8 04                     lda     STATEFLG,x
cb25: 29 07                        and     #$07              ;are we in a command sequence?
cb27: f0 05                        beq     ESCCHECK
cb29: 20 fc cd                     jsr     CMDPROC           ;if so, goto command central
cb2c: 38                           sec                       ;indicate command
cb2d: 60                           rts

cb2e: a5 27        ESCCHECK        lda     CHARACTER
cb30: 29 7f                        and     #$7f              ;ignore high bit
cb32: dd 38 05                     cmp     CMDBYTE,x         ;is this beginning of a cmd seq?
cb35: d0 05                        bne     XOFFCK
cb37: fe b8 04                     inc     STATEFLG,x        ;start up command modes
cb3a: 38                           sec                       ;indicate command
cb3b: 60                           rts

cb3c: bd 38 07     XOFFCK          lda     MISCFLG,x         ;is XON enabled?
cb3f: 29 08                        and     #$08
cb41: f0 15                        beq     NOCMD             ;skip this if not
cb43: 20 ff ca                     jsr     INPUT             ;any input?
cb46: 90 10                        bcc     NOCMD             ;if not, go output
cb48: c9 93                        cmp     #$93              ;is it an XOFF?
cb4a: f0 0e                        beq     XONWAIT           ;if so, go wait for another input
cb4c: 48                           pha
cb4d: bd 38 07                     lda     MISCFLG,x         ;CIC mode?
cb50: 4a                           lsr     A
cb51: 4a                           lsr     A
cb52: 68                           pla
cb53: 90 04                        bcc     ANRTS
cb55: 9d b8 06                     sta     BUFBYTE,x         ;if so, we have a buffer
cb58: 18           NOCMD           clc                       ;indicate not a cmd seq
cb59: 60           ANRTS           rts

cb5a: 20 aa c8     XONWAIT         jsr     GETCHAR           ;get ACIA/kbd data
cb5d: c9 91                        cmp     #$91              ;is it an XON?
cb5f: d0 f9                        bne     XONWAIT           ;if not, wait
cb61: 18                           clc                       ;otherwise, indicate not a cmd seq
cb62: 60                           rts                       ; and return

                   ; Now the output routine you've been waiting for.
cb63: 20 1a cb     OUTPUT          jsr     CMDSEQCK
cb66: b0 f1                        bcs     ANRTS             ;don't output command sequences
cb68: 20 9e cc     OUTPUT1         jsr     SCREENOUT
cb6b: a4 26        OUTPUT2         ldy     SLOT16
cb6d: b9 81 c0                     lda     DIPSW1,y
cb70: 4a                           lsr     A
cb71: 90 4e                        bcc     OUTPUT3           ;skip ETX/ACK for native modes
cb73: 4a                           lsr     A
cb74: 90 4b                        bcc     OUTPUT3           ;branch if not P8A emulation
                   ; P8A ETX/ACK stuff.
                   ; After 148 characters but not within an escape sequence of up to 5 characters,
                   ; the handshake is performed (will delay until 'not ESC' and then 4 more chars
                   ; or until an 'ESC').
cb76: a5 27        P8AOUT1         lda     CHARACTER         ;save char on stack
cb78: 48                           pha
cb79: bd 38 04                     lda     HANDSHKE,x        ;char count for buffer full
cb7c: c9 67                        cmp     #103              ;if <103 then 153 chars in buffer
cb7e: 90 10                        bcc     ETX
cb80: c9 6c                        cmp     #108              ;if >=108 then less than 149 chars
cb82: b0 22                        bcs     P8AOUT2           ; so no handshake is needed yet
cb84: c9 6b                        cmp     #107              ;sets carry if 107 (149 sent)
cb86: 68                           pla
cb87: 48                           pha
cb88: 49 9b                        eor     #$9b              ;ESC?
cb8a: 29 7f                        and     #$7f              ;ignore hi-bit
cb8c: d0 18                        bne     P8AOUT2           ;count as 1 of 5 if not 'ESC'
cb8e: b0 19                        bcs     P8AOUT3           ;don't count if 149th char is 'ESC'
cb90: bd b8 04     ETX             lda     STATEFLG,x        ;send query char to printer
cb93: 29 1f                        and     #$1f              ;(default is ETX)
cb95: 09 80                        ora     #$80
cb97: 85 27                        sta     CHARACTER
cb99: 20 02 cc                     jsr     ACIAOUT
cb9c: 20 aa c8     ACK             jsr     GETCHAR           ;get ACIA/kbd data
cb9f: 49 86                        eor     #$86              ;ACK?
cba1: d0 ed                        bne     ETX               ;if not ACK, repeat handshake
cba3: 9d 38 04                     sta     HANDSHKE,x        ;init char count to 255
cba6: de 38 04     P8AOUT2         dec     HANDSHKE,x
cba9: 68           P8AOUT3         pla                       ;get real char to output
cbaa: 85 27                        sta     CHARACTER
cbac: 49 8d                        eor     #$8d              ;if CR and CR delay mode
cbae: 0a                           asl     A
cbaf: d0 0a                        bne     P8AOUT4           ; then fake char count to less than
cbb1: bd b8 03                     lda     DELAYFLG,x        ; 48 to force handshake on next
cbb4: 29 30                        and     #$30              ; character out
cbb6: f0 03                        beq     P8AOUT4
cbb8: 9d 38 04                     sta     HANDSHKE,x
cbbb: 20 02 cc     P8AOUT4         jsr     ACIAOUT
cbbe: 4c ea cb                     jmp     LFGEN             ;(skip delays)

                   ; And back to normal output.
cbc1: 20 02 cc     OUTPUT3         jsr     ACIAOUT
                   ; Now check for CR, LF, and FF delays.
cbc4: 0a                           asl     A
cbc5: a8                           tay
cbc6: bd b8 03                     lda     DELAYFLG,x        ;get delay flags
cbc9: c0 18                        cpy     #$18              ;form feed?
cbcb: f0 0c                        beq     OUTDLY1
cbcd: 4a                           lsr     A
cbce: 4a                           lsr     A                 ;right justify LF delay
cbcf: c0 14                        cpy     #$14              ;line feed?
cbd1: f0 06                        beq     OUTDLY1
cbd3: 4a                           lsr     A
cbd4: 4a                           lsr     A                 ;right justify CR delay
cbd5: c0 1a                        cpy     #$1a              ;carriage return?
cbd7: d0 25                        bne     OUTPUTEND
cbd9: 29 03        OUTDLY1         and     #$03              ;just want lowest 2 bits
cbdb: f0 0d                        beq     LFGEN             ;no delay indicated
cbdd: a8                           tay
cbde: b9 fe cb                     lda     DLYTBL-1,y
cbe1: a8                           tay                       ;delay in 32 msec increments
cbe2: a9 20        OUTDLYLP        lda     #32
cbe4: 20 c4 ca                     jsr     WAITMS
cbe7: 88                           dey
cbe8: d0 f8                        bne     OUTDLYLP
                   ; Check on LF generation option.
cbea: a5 27        LFGEN           lda     CHARACTER
cbec: 0a                           asl     A
cbed: c9 1a                        cmp     #$1a              ;carriage return?
cbef: d0 0d                        bne     OUTPUTEND
cbf1: bd 38 07                     lda     MISCFLG,x         ;is LF generate enabled?
cbf4: 6a                           ror     A
cbf5: 90 07                        bcc     OUTPUTEND
cbf7: a9 8a                        lda     #$8a
cbf9: 85 27                        sta     CHARACTER         ;line feed
cbfb: 4c 6b cb                     jmp     OUTPUT2           ;(don't echo it)

cbfe: 60           OUTPUTEND       rts

cbff: 01           DLYTBL          .dd1    $01               ;32 msec
cc00: 08                           .dd1    $08               ;1/4 sec
cc01: 40                           .dd1    $40               ; 2  sec

                   ; ACIA output routine.
cc02: 20 f5 ca     ACIAOUT         jsr     SROUT             ;ready for output?
cc05: d0 fb                        bne     ACIAOUT
cc07: 98                           tya
cc08: 09 89                        ora     #$89              ;prepare to address ACIA,
cc0a: a8                           tay                       ; causing 6502 false read to occur
cc0b: a5 27                        lda     CHARACTER         ; on page $BF (avoiding RDR read)
cc0d: 99 ff bf                     sta     $bfff,y           ;here you are ACIA
cc10: 60                           rts

                   ; Restore cursor (not for Pascal)
                   ; (A-reg should contain new char)
cc11: 48           RESTORE         pha                       ;save new character
cc12: a4 24                        ldy     MON_CH
cc14: a5 27                        lda     CHARACTER         ;old character
cc16: 91 28                        sta     (MON_BASL),y
cc18: 68                           pla
cc19: c9 95                        cmp     #$95              ;screen pick?
cc1b: d0 0c                        bne     RESTOREND
cc1d: a5 27                        lda     CHARACTER         ;if so, use screen char
cc1f: c9 20                        cmp     #$20              ;inverse?
cc21: b0 06                        bcs     RESTOREND
cc23: 20 df cc                     jsr     GETXLATE          ;reverse the translation
cc26: 59 db cc                     eor     REVMASK,y
cc29: 85 27        RESTOREND       sta     CHARACTER
cc2b: 60                           rts

                   ; Pascal-BASIC keyboard fetch.
cc2c: 18           CKKBD           clc                       ;return carry clear for no data
cc2d: bd 38 07                     lda     MISCFLG,x
cc30: 29 04                        and     #$04              ;answer no if keyboard is disabled
cc32: f0 09                        beq     CKKBDXIT
cc34: ad 00 c0     CKKBD1          lda     KBD
cc37: 10 04                        bpl     CKKBDXIT
cc39: 8d 10 c0                     sta     KBDSTRB
cc3c: 38                           sec                       ;indicate data
cc3d: 60           CKKBDXIT        rts

                   ; Get a char from keyboard for BASIC only.
cc3e: e6 4e        GETKBD          inc     MON_RNDL          ;mix up random # seed
cc40: d0 02                        bne     GETKBD1           ; for BASIC
cc42: e6 4f                        inc     MON_RNDH
cc44: 20 2c cc     GETKBD1         jsr     CKKBD             ;keyboard fetch routine
cc47: b8                           clv                       ;indicate no escape sequence
cc48: 90 f3                        bcc     CKKBDXIT          ;exit if no key press
cc4a: 20 11 cc                     jsr     RESTORE           ;do BASIC cursed duty
cc4d: 29 7f                        and     #$7f
cc4f: dd 38 05                     cmp     CMDBYTE,x         ;is is the start of a command?
cc52: d0 3d                        bne     GETKBDONE         ;if not, exit indicating data
cc54: a4 26                        ldy     SLOT16
cc56: b9 81 c0                     lda     DIPSW1,y          ;only do cmd esc for PPC, SIC modes
cc59: 4a                           lsr     A
cc5a: b0 35                        bcs     GETKBDONE
                   ; Keyboard escape handler.
cc5c: a0 0a        KBDESC          ldy     #$0a              ;first print a prompt
cc5e: b9 93 cc     PROMPTLOOP      lda     PROMPTBL,y
cc61: 85 27                        sta     CHARACTER
cc63: 98                           tya
cc64: 48                           pha
cc65: 20 a3 cc                     jsr     SCREENOUT1        ;always send to screen
cc68: 68                           pla
cc69: a8                           tay
cc6a: 88                           dey
cc6b: 10 f1                        bpl     PROMPTLOOP
cc6d: a9 01                        lda     #1                ;start out in command state 1
cc6f: 20 7b ce                     jsr     SETOSTATE
cc72: 20 34 cc     GETCMD          jsr     CKKBD1            ;wait for keyboard character
cc75: 10 fb                        bpl     GETCMD
cc77: c9 88                        cmp     #$88              ;backspace?
cc79: f0 e1                        beq     KBDESC            ;if so, then start over
cc7b: 85 27                        sta     CHARACTER
cc7d: 20 a3 cc                     jsr     SCREENOUT1
cc80: 20 1a cb                     jsr     CMDSEQCK          ;pump thru cmd interpreter
cc83: bd b8 04                     lda     STATEFLG,x        ;are we done?
cc86: 29 07                        and     #$07
cc88: d0 e8                        bne     GETCMD            ;if not, go again
cc8a: a9 8d                        lda     #$8d              ;force back a carriage return
cc8c: 85 27                        sta     CHARACTER
cc8e: 2c 58 ff                     bit     MON_IORTS         ;indicate that a cmd seq has occurred
cc91: 38           GETKBDONE       sec                       ;indicate success
cc92: 60                           rts

cc93: ba c3 d3 d3+ PROMPTBL        .str    “:CSS ELPPA”,$8d

                   ; Routine to print a character on the current display.
cc9e: bd 38 07     SCREENOUT       lda     MISCFLG,x
cca1: 10 13                        bpl     NOOUT             ;if screen disabled
cca3: bd 38 07     SCREENOUT1      lda     MISCFLG,x         ;entry after echo check
cca6: 29 02                        and     #$02              ;if it isn't CIC mode,
cca8: f0 0d                        beq     ASCREEN           ;always use the Apple screen
ccaa: bd b8 04                     lda     STATEFLG,x        ;current screen = Apple screen?
ccad: 29 38                        and     #$38
ccaf: f0 06                        beq     ASCREEN           ;slot 0= Apple screen
ccb1: 8a                           txa                       ;jump to CN00 space
ccb2: 48                           pha
ccb3: a9 af                        lda     #<SENDCD-1        ; to vector to the peripheral
ccb5: 48                           pha                       ; in the chain slot
ccb6: 60           NOOUT           rts

                   ; Apple 40-col screen driver.
ccb7: 20 df cc     ASCREEN         jsr     GETXLATE          ;get the translate options
ccba: 09 80                        ora     #$80              ;set high bit of char
ccbc: c9 e0                        cmp     #$e0              ;lowercase?
ccbe: 90 06                        bcc     TESTLETTER
ccc0: 59 d3 cc                     eor     LCMASK,y          ;do lowercase trip
ccc3: 4c f6 fd     TOSCREEN        jmp     MON_COUTZ         ;all regs are preserved

                   ; If uppercase, we only map letters.
ccc6: c9 c1        TESTLETTER      cmp     #$c1              ;<A?
ccc8: 90 f9                        bcc     TOSCREEN
ccca: c9 db                        cmp     #$db              ;>Z?
cccc: b0 f5                        bcs     TOSCREEN
ccce: 59 d7 cc                     eor     UCMASK,y
ccd1: 90 f0                        bcc     TOSCREEN          ;<always>

                   ; Masks for case translation.
ccd3: 20 00 e0 20  LCMASK          .bulk   $20,$00,$e0,$20
ccd7: 00 00 00 c0  UCMASK          .bulk   $00,$00,$00,$c0
ccdb: 00 00 e0 c0  REVMASK         .bulk   $00,$00,$e0,$c0

ccdf: bd b8 03     GETXLATE        lda     DELAYFLG,x        ;translate options in B6-B7
cce2: 2a                           rol     A
cce3: 2a                           rol     A
cce4: 2a                           rol     A
cce5: 29 03                        and     #$03
cce7: a8                           tay
cce8: a5 27                        lda     CHARACTER
ccea: 60                           rts

                   ; SSC command processor.
                   ; Command table (used by command processer[sic] routine).
cceb: 42           CMDTBL          .dd1    $42               ;B(reak)
ccec: 67                           .dd1    $67               ;CIC     PAS  NS=7
cced: c0                           .dd1    <BREAKCMD-1
ccee: 54                           .dd1    $54               ;T(erminal)
ccef: 47                           .dd1    $47               ;CIC          NS=7
ccf0: a6                           .dd1    <TERMCMD-1
ccf1: 43                           .dd1    $43               ;C(R generate)
ccf2: 87                           .dd1    $87               ;    PPC      NS=7
ccf3: a6                           .dd1    <TERMCMD-1
ccf4: 51                           .dd1    $51               ;Q(uit)
ccf5: 47                           .dd1    $47               ;CIC          NS=7
ccf6: b8                           .dd1    <QUITCMD-1
ccf7: 52                           .dd1    $52               ;R(eset)
ccf8: c7                           .dd1    $c7               ;CIC PPC      NS=7
ccf9: ac                           .dd1    <RESETCMD-1
ccfa: 5a                           .dd1    $5a               ;Z command
ccfb: e7                           .dd1    $e7               ;CIC PPC PAS  NS=7
ccfc: f3                           .dd1    <ZCMD-1
ccfd: 49                           .dd1    $49               ;I command
ccfe: 90                           .dd1    $90               ;    PPC      NS=0
ccff: d3                           .dd1    <ICMD-1
cd00: 4b                           .dd1    $4b               ;K command
cd01: 90                           .dd1    $90               ;    PPC      NS=0
cd02: df                           .dd1    <KCMD-1
cd03: 45                           .dd1    $45               ;E(cho)
cd04: 43                           .dd1    $43               ;CIC          NS=3
cd05: 80                           .dd1    $80
cd06: 46                           .dd1    $46               ;F(romkybd)
cd07: e3                           .dd1    $e3               ;CIC PPC PAS  NS=3
cd08: 04                           .dd1    $04
cd09: 4c                           .dd1    $4c               ;L(F generate)
cd0a: e3                           .dd1    $e3               ;CIC PPC PAS  NS=3
cd0b: 01                           .dd1    $01
cd0c: 58                           .dd1    $58               ;X(off)
cd0d: e3                           .dd1    $e3               ;CIC PPC PAS  NS=3
cd0e: 08                           .dd1    $08
cd0f: 54                           .dd1    $54               ;T(abbing)
cd10: 83                           .dd1    $83               ;    PPC      NS=3
cd11: 40                           .dd1    $40
cd12: 53                           .dd1    $53               ;S(hifting)
cd13: 43                           .dd1    $43               ;CIC          NS=3
cd14: 40                           .dd1    $40
cd15: 4d                           .dd1    $4d               ;M(unch LF)
cd16: e3                           .dd1    $e3               ;CIC PPC PAS  NS=3
cd17: 20                           .dd1    $20
cd18: 00                           .dd1    $00               ;end of first part marker
cd19: 42           CMDTBL1         .dd1    $42               ;B(aud)
cd1a: f6                           .dd1    $f6               ;CIC PPC PAS  NS=6
cd1b: 7c                           .dd1    <BAUDCMD-1
cd1c: 50                           .dd1    $50               ;P(arity)
cd1d: f6                           .dd1    $f6               ;CIC PPC PAS  NS=6
cd1e: 9a                           .dd1    <PARITYCMD-1
cd1f: 44                           .dd1    $44               ;D(ata)
cd20: f6                           .dd1    $f6               ;CIC PPC PAS  NS=6
cd21: 9b                           .dd1    <DATACMD-1
cd22: 46                           .dd1    $46               ;F(f delay)
cd23: f6                           .dd1    $f6               ;CIC PPC PAS  NS=6
cd24: 46                           .dd1    <FFCMD-1
cd25: 4c                           .dd1    $4c               ;L(F delay)
cd26: f6                           .dd1    $f6               ;CIC PPC PAS  NS=6
cd27: 40                           .dd1    <LFCMD-1
cd28: 43                           .dd1    $43               ;C(R delay)
cd29: f6                           .dd1    $f6               ;CIC PPC PAS  NS=6
cd2a: 3a                           .dd1    <CRCMD-1
cd2b: 54                           .dd1    $54               ;T(ranslate)
cd2c: d6                           .dd1    $d6               ;CIC PPC      NS=6
cd2d: 34                           .dd1    <TRANCMD-1
cd2e: 4e                           .dd1    $4e               ;N command
cd2f: 90                           .dd1    $90               ;    PPC      NS=0
cd30: e8                           .dd1    <NCMD-1
cd31: 53                           .dd1    $53               ;S(creenslot)
cd32: 56                           .dd1    $56               ;CIC          NS=6
cd33: 60                           .dd1    <SSLOTCMD-1
cd34: 00                           .dd1    $00               ;end of table marker

                   ; Command routines (called by parser).  (Must start in page $CD . . .)
cd35: a9 3f        TRANCMD         lda     #$3f              ;set screen translate options
cd37: a0 07                        ldy     #$07
cd39: d0 10                        bne     DELAYSET          ;<always>

cd3b: a9 cf        CRCMD           lda     #$cf              ;set CR delay
cd3d: a0 05                        ldy     #$05
cd3f: d0 0a                        bne     DELAYSET          ;<always>

cd41: a9 f3        LFCMD           lda     #$f3              ;set LF delay
cd43: a0 03                        ldy     #$03
cd45: d0 04                        bne     DELAYSET          ;<always>

cd47: a9 fc        FFCMD           lda     #$fc              ;set FF delay
cd49: a0 01                        ldy     #$01
cd4b: 3d b8 03     DELAYSET        and     DELAYFLG,x        ;don't disturb the other flags
cd4e: 85 2a                        sta     ZPTMP1
cd50: bd 38 04                     lda     PARAMETER,x
cd53: 29 03                        and     #$03              ;just use two bits
cd55: 18                           clc
cd56: 6a                           ror     A                 ;once for fun
cd57: 2a           ROTATE          rol     A                 ;change directions
cd58: 88                           dey
cd59: d0 fc                        bne     ROTATE            ;prepare it to OR into the flags
cd5b: 05 2a                        ora     ZPTMP1
cd5d: 9d b8 03                     sta     DELAYFLG,x
cd60: 60                           rts

cd61: 29 07        SSLOTCMD        and     #$07              ;set slot command
cd63: 0a                           asl     A
cd64: 0a                           asl     A
cd65: 0a                           asl     A
cd66: 85 2a                        sta     ZPTMP1
cd68: 0a                           asl     A
cd69: c5 26                        cmp     SLOT16            ;make sure we don't set it
cd6b: f0 0f                        beq     SSLOTCMD1         ; to our own slot
cd6d: bd b8 04                     lda     STATEFLG,x
cd70: 29 c7                        and     #$c7              ;put new slot number in bits 3-5
cd72: 05 2a                        ora     ZPTMP1            ; of CMDBYTE,X
cd74: 9d b8 04                     sta     STATEFLG,x
cd77: a9 00                        lda     #0                ;store zero into
cd79: 9d 38 06                     sta     CHNBYTE,x         ;slot offset (set to CN00 entry)
cd7c: 60           SSLOTCMD1       rts

cd7d: 29 0f        BAUDCMD         and     #$0f              ;set new baud rate
cd7f: d0 07                        bne     BAUDCMD2
cd81: b9 81 c0     BAUDCMD1        lda     DIPSW1,y          ;zero parm = reload from switches
cd84: 4a                           lsr     A
cd85: 4a                           lsr     A
cd86: 4a                           lsr     A
cd87: 4a                           lsr     A
cd88: 09 10        BAUDCMD2        ora     #$10              ;set int. baud rate generator
cd8a: 85 2a                        sta     ZPTMP1
cd8c: a9 e0                        lda     #$e0
cd8e: 85 2b        CTLREGSET       sta     ZPTMP2
cd90: b9 8b c0                     lda     CTLREG,y
cd93: 25 2b                        and     ZPTMP2
cd95: 05 2a                        ora     ZPTMP1
cd97: 99 8b c0                     sta     CTLREG,y
cd9a: 60                           rts

cd9b: 88           PARITYCMD       dey                       ;trick: so CTLREG,Y actually addresses the command reg
cd9c: 0a           DATACMD         asl     A                 ;set new # of data bits
cd9d: 0a                           asl     A
cd9e: 0a                           asl     A
cd9f: 0a                           asl     A
cda0: 0a                           asl     A
cda1: 85 2a        DATACMD1        sta     ZPTMP1
cda3: a9 1f                        lda     #$1f
cda5: d0 e7                        bne     CTLREGSET         ;<always>

cda7: 1e b8 04     TERMCMD         asl     STATEFLG,x        ;set terminal mode
cdaa: 38                           sec
cdab: b0 10                        bcs     QCMD1             ;<always>

cdad: 99 89 c0     RESETCMD        sta     RESET,y           ;drop RTS, DTR
cdb0: 20 93 fe                     jsr     MON_SETVID        ;PR#0
cdb3: 20 89 fe                     jsr     MON_SETKBD        ;IN#0
cdb6: ae f8 07                     ldx     MSLOT
cdb9: 1e b8 04     QUITCMD         asl     STATEFLG,x        ;clear terminal mode
cdbc: 18                           clc
cdbd: 7e b8 04     QCMD1           ror     STATEFLG,x
cdc0: 60                           rts

cdc1: b9 8a c0     BREAKCMD        lda     CMDREG,y          ;send break signal
cdc4: 48                           pha                       ; for 233 milliseconds
cdc5: 09 0c                        ora     #$0c
cdc7: 99 8a c0                     sta     CMDREG,y
cdca: a9 e9                        lda     #233              ;delay for 233 microsec.[sic]
cdcc: 20 c4 ca                     jsr     WAITMS
cdcf: 68                           pla                       ;restore old command reg contents
cdd0: 99 8a c0                     sta     CMDREG,y
cdd3: 60                           rts

cdd4: a9 28        ICMD            lda     #$28
cdd6: 9d 38 06                     sta     PWDBYTE,x         ;set printer width to 40
cdd9: a9 80                        lda     #$80
cddb: 1d 38 07                     ora     MISCFLG,x         ;set screen echo
cdde: d0 05                        bne     KCMD2             ;<always>
cde0: a9 fe        KCMD            lda     #$fe              ;reset the LF generate flag
cde2: 3d 38 07     KCMD1           and     MISCFLG,x
cde5: 9d 38 07     KCMD2           sta     MISCFLG,x
cde8: 60                           rts

cde9: c9 28        NCMD            cmp     #40               ;>=40?
cdeb: 90 0e                        bcc     ZCMDRTS           ;if not, just exit
cded: 9d 38 06                     sta     PWDBYTE,x         ;set new printer width
cdf0: a9 3f                        lda     #$3f              ;disable screen, set listing mode
cdf2: d0 ee                        bne     KCMD1             ;<always>

cdf4: 1e 38 05     ZCMD            asl     CMDBYTE,x         ;disable command recognition
cdf7: 38                           sec
cdf8: 7e 38 05                     ror     CMDBYTE,x
cdfb: 60           ZCMDRTS         rts

                   ; Vector according to command state.
cdfc: a8           CMDPROC         tay                       ;A-reg=command state
cdfd: a5 27                        lda     CHARACTER
cdff: 29 7f                        and     #$7f
ce01: c9 20                        cmp     #$20              ;skip spaces for all modes
ce03: d0 09                        bne     CMDPROC2
ce05: c0 03                        cpy     #$03              ;except mode 3
ce07: f0 01                        beq     CMDPROC1
ce09: 60                           rts

ce0a: a9 04        CMDPROC1        lda     #$04
ce0c: d0 6d                        bne     SETOSTATE         ;<always>

ce0e: c9 0d        CMDPROC2        cmp     #$0d              ;carriage return?
ce10: d0 12                        bne     CMDPROC4
ce12: 20 79 ce                     jsr     ZEROSTATE         ;abort for states 0-5, exit for 6,7
ce15: c0 07                        cpy     #$07              ;in state 7 we vector to the proc
ce17: f0 01                        beq     CMDPROC3
ce19: 60                           rts                       ;otherwise, just exit

ce1a: a9 cd        CMDPROC3        lda     #$cd              ;all procs must start in page $CD
ce1c: 48                           pha
ce1d: bd 38 04                     lda     PARAMETER,x
ce20: 48                           pha
ce21: a4 26                        ldy     SLOT16            ;needed by break cmd
ce23: 60                           rts

ce24: 85 35        CMDPROC4        sta     ZPTEMP
ce26: a9 ce                        lda     #$ce              ;all routines must start
ce28: 48                           pha                       ; in page $CE
ce29: b9 30 ce                     lda     STATETBL,y
ce2c: 48                           pha
ce2d: a5 35                        lda     ZPTEMP
ce2f: 60                           rts                       ;RTS to command procedure

                   ; Now the state routines.
                   ; State branch table.
ce30: a7           STATETBL        .dd1    <STATERR-1        ;bad state
ce31: 37                           .dd1    <CSTATE1-1        ;<cmd< seen
ce32: 61                           .dd1    <CSTATE2-1        ;accumulate parameter
ce33: 89                           .dd1    <CDONE-1          ;skip until space
ce34: 8a                           .dd1    <CSTATE4-1        ;E/D something
ce35: a7                           .dd1    <STATERR-1        ;illegal state
ce36: 89                           .dd1    <CDONE-1          ;skip until CR
ce37: 89                           .dd1    <CDONE-1          ;skip until CR then do cmd

                   ; Command state 1.
ce38: dd 38 05     CSTATE1         cmp     CMDBYTE,x         ;is it <cmd>?
ce3b: d0 06                        bne     CSTATE1A
ce3d: de b8 04                     dec     STATEFLG,x        ;set state back to zero
ce40: 4c 02 cc                     jmp     ACIAOUT           ;output <cmd> if so

ce43: c9 30        CSTATE1A        cmp     #$30              ;>=0?
ce45: 90 0d                        bcc     CSTATE1B
ce47: c9 3a                        cmp     #$3a              ;<=9?
ce49: b0 09                        bcs     CSTATE1B
ce4b: 29 0f                        and     #$0f              ;it's a number
ce4d: 9d 38 04                     sta     PARAMETER,x
ce50: a9 02                        lda     #2
ce52: d0 27                        bne     SETOSTATE         ;<always> set mode 2 and return

ce54: c9 20        CSTATE1B        cmp     #$20              ;is it a control char?
ce56: b0 06                        bcs     CSTATE1C
ce58: 9d 38 05                     sta     CMDBYTE,x         ;set new command character
ce5b: 4c 79 ce                     jmp     ZEROSTATE         ;reset state to zero

ce5e: a0 00        CSTATE1C        ldy     #$00              ;use command table
ce60: f0 4d                        beq     CMDSEARCH         ;<always>

                   ; Command state 2: accumulate parameter.
ce62: 49 30        CSTATE2         eor     #$30              ;convert $30-$39 to 0-9
ce64: c9 0a                        cmp     #$0a              ;0-9?
ce66: b0 0d                        bcs     CSTATE2A
ce68: a0 0a                        ldy     #$0a              ;it's a number, so add
ce6a: 7d 38 04     ACCLOOP         adc     PARAMETER,x       ; it to 10*parameter
ce6d: 88                           dey
ce6e: d0 fa                        bne     ACCLOOP
ce70: 9d 38 04                     sta     PARAMETER,x
ce73: f0 15                        beq     CDONE             ;<always>

ce75: a0 2e        CSTATE2A        ldy     #$2e              ;use command table [LDY #CMDTBL1-CMDTBL]
ce77: d0 36                        bne     CMDSEARCH         ;<always>

                   ; Set command state.
ce79: a9 00        ZEROSTATE       lda     #0
ce7b: 85 2a        SETOSTATE       sta     ZPTMP1
ce7d: ae f8 07                     ldx     MSLOT
ce80: bd b8 04                     lda     STATEFLG,x
ce83: 29 f8                        and     #$f8
ce85: 05 2a                        ora     ZPTMP1
ce87: 9d b8 04                     sta     STATEFLG,x
ce8a: 60           CDONE           rts

                   ; Command state 4 (E/D).
ce8b: a8           CSTATE4         tay                       ;E/D -> Y-reg
ce8c: bd 38 04                     lda     PARAMETER,x
ce8f: c0 44                        cpy     #$44              ;D(isable)?
ce91: f0 09                        beq     CSTATE4A
ce93: c0 45                        cpy     #$45              ;E(nable)?
ce95: d0 11                        bne     STATERR           ;if not, ignore this command
ce97: 1d 38 07                     ora     MISCFLG,x         ;set flag
ce9a: d0 05                        bne     CSTATE4B          ;<always>
ce9c: 49 ff        CSTATE4A        eor     #$ff              ;invert for disable
ce9e: 3d 38 07                     and     MISCFLG,x         ;reset flag
cea1: 9d 38 07     CSTATE4B        sta     MISCFLG,x
                   ; Escape to state 6.
cea4: a9 06        SETSTATE6       lda     #6
cea6: d0 d3                        bne     SETOSTATE         ;<always>

cea8: a9 20        STATERR         lda     #32               ;code for bad command
ceaa: 9d b8 05                     sta     STSBYTE,x
cead: d0 f5                        bne     SETSTATE6         ;<always>

                   ; Table driven command processor.
ceaf: b9 eb cc     CMDSEARCH       lda     CMDTBL,y          ;get candidate character
ceb2: f0 f4                        beq     STATERR           ;a zero marks the end of a subtable
ceb4: c5 35                        cmp     ZPTEMP            ;match?
ceb6: f0 05                        beq     CMDMATCH
ceb8: c8                           iny
ceb9: c8           CMDSEARCH1      iny                       ;reentry for wrong modes
ceba: c8                           iny                       ;entry length = 3
cebb: d0 f2                        bne     CMDSEARCH         ;<always>

cebd: c8           CMDMATCH        iny
cebe: b9 eb cc                     lda     CMDTBL,y
cec1: 85 2a                        sta     ZPTMP1
cec3: 29 20                        and     #$20              ;check Pascal enable
cec5: d0 07                        bne     CMDMATCH1         ;it's on so don't check P-bit
cec7: bd 38 07                     lda     MISCFLG,x         ;off so make sure
ceca: 29 10                        and     #$10              ; that we aren't in Pascal
cecc: d0 eb                        bne     CMDSEARCH1        ;branch if we are
cece: bd 38 07     CMDMATCH1       lda     MISCFLG,x         ;get CIC/PPC bit
ced1: 4a                           lsr     A                 ;shift CIC/PPC mode bit to carry
ced2: 4a                           lsr     A
ced3: 24 2a                        bit     ZPTMP1            ;PPC->N CIC->V
ced5: b0 04                        bcs     CMDMATCH2         ;branch if CIC mode
ced7: 10 e0                        bpl     CMDSEARCH1        ;not OK for PPC
ced9: 30 02                        bmi     CMDEXEC           ;and OK

cedb: 50 dc        CMDMATCH2       bvc     CMDSEARCH1        ;not OK for CIC
cedd: a5 2a        CMDEXEC         lda     ZPTMP1            ;retrieve table mode byte
cedf: 48                           pha
cee0: 29 07                        and     #$07
cee2: 20 7b ce                     jsr     SETOSTATE         ;set next state
cee5: c8                           iny
cee6: 68                           pla
cee7: 29 10                        and     #$10
cee9: d0 07                        bne     CMDEXEC1          ;if bit 4 is set, vector to routine
ceeb: b9 eb cc                     lda     CMDTBL,y
ceee: 9d 38 04                     sta     PARAMETER,x
cef1: 60                           rts

cef2: a9 cd        CMDEXEC1        lda     #$cd              ;routines must be in page $CD
cef4: 48                           pha
cef5: b9 eb cc                     lda     CMDTBL,y
cef8: 48                           pha
cef9: a4 26                        ldy     SLOT16
cefb: bd 38 04                     lda     PARAMETER,x       ;lot of routines need this
cefe: 60                           rts

ceff: c2                           .dd1    $c2               ;[DFB $00 in original; checksum byte?]

                                   .org    $c200
                   *                                                                              *
                   * CN00 space code                                                              *
                   *                                                                              *
                   * [Serial cards are installed in slot 2 by convention, so this is disassembled *
                   * at $C200.  The original listing showed this at $C700.]                       *
                   *                                                                              *
c200: 2c 58 ff     BINIT           bit     MON_IORTS         ;set the V-flag
c203: 70 0c                        bvs     BENTRY            ;<always>

c205: 38           IENTRY          sec                       ;BASIC input entry
c206: 90                           bcc ▼   LC21E+2           ;opcode for BCC
c207: 18           OENTRY          clc                       ;BASIC output entry
c208: b8                           clv
c209: 50 06                        bvc     BENTRY            ;<always> skip around Pascal 1.1 entry

c20b: 01                           .dd1    $01               ;generic signature byte
c20c: 31                           .dd1    $31               ;device signature byte
c20d: 8e                           .dd1    <PINIT
c20e: 94                           .dd1    <PREAD
c20f: 97                           .dd1    <PWRITE
c210: 9a                           .dd1    <PSTATUS

c211: 85 27        BENTRY          sta     CHARACTER
c213: 86 35                        stx     ZPTEMP            ;input buffer index
c215: 8a                           txa                       ;save X and Y regs on stack
c216: 48                           pha
c217: 98                           tya
c218: 48                           pha
c219: 08                           php                       ;save entry flags
c21a: 78                           sei                       ;no rupts during slot determination
c21b: 8d ff cf                     sta     CLRROM            ;switch out other $C800 ROMs
c21e: 20 58 ff     LC21E           jsr     MON_IORTS
c221: ba                           tsx
c222: bd 00 01                     lda     STACK,x           ;recover $CN
c225: 8d f8 07                     sta     MSLOT
c228: aa                           tax                       ;X-reg will generally be $CN
c229: 0a                           asl     A
c22a: 0a                           asl     A                 ;determine $NO
c22b: 0a                           asl     A
c22c: 0a                           asl     A
c22d: 85 26                        sta     SLOT16
c22f: a8                           tay                       ;Y-reg will generally be $NO
c230: 28                           plp                       ;restore rupts
c231: 50 29                        bvc     NORMIO
                   ; BASIC initialization.
c233: 1e 38 05                     asl     CMDBYTE,x         ;always enable commands
c236: 5e 38 05                     lsr     CMDBYTE,x
c239: b9 8a c0                     lda     CMDREG,y          ;just had a power-on or program reset?
c23c: 29 1f                        and     #$1f
c23e: d0 05                        bne     BINIT1
c240: a9 ef                        lda     #$ef              ;if so, go join init in progress
c242: 20 05 c8                     jsr     INIT1
c245: e4 37        BINIT1          cpx     MON_CSWH
c247: d0 0b                        bne     FROMIN
c249: a9 07                        lda     #<OENTRY
c24b: c5 36                        cmp     MON_CSWL          ;if CSW is already pointing to OENTRY,
c24d: f0 05                        beq     FROMIN            ; then we must have come from KSW
c24f: 85 36                        sta     MON_CSWL          ;otherwise, set CSW to OENTRY
c251: 18           FROMOUT         clc                       ;indicate we are called for output
c252: 90 08                        bcc     NORMIO            ;<always>

c254: e4 39        FROMIN          cpx     MON_KSWH          ;make sure KSW points here
c256: d0 f9                        bne     FROMOUT
c258: a9 05                        lda     #$05
c25a: 85 38                        sta     MON_KSWL          ;set up KSW (note carry set from CPX)
                   ; Branch to appropriate BASIC I/O routine.
c25c: bd 38 07     NORMIO          lda     MISCFLG,x         ;separate CIC mode from others
c25f: 29 02                        and     #$02              ;not zero for CIC mode
c261: 08                           php                       ;save CIC mode indication
c262: 90 03                        bcc     BOUTPUT
c264: 4c bf c8                     jmp     BINPUT

c267: bd b8 04     BOUTPUT         lda     STATEFLG,x        ;check for after lowercase input
c26a: 48                           pha
c26b: 0a                           asl     A
c26c: 10 0e                        bpl     BOUTPUT1          ;skip if not
c26e: a6 35                        ldx     ZPTEMP
c270: a5 27                        lda     CHARACTER
c272: 09 20                        ora     #$20
c274: 9d 00 02                     sta     INBUFF,x          ;restore lowercase in buffer
c277: 85 27                        sta     CHARACTER         ;and for output echo
c279: ae f8 07                     ldx     MSLOT
c27c: 68           BOUTPUT1        pla
c27d: 29 bf                        and     #$bf              ;zero the flag
c27f: 9d b8 04                     sta     STATEFLG,x
c282: 28                           plp                       ;retrieve CIC mode indication
c283: f0 06                        beq     BOUTPUT2          ;branch for PPC, SIC modes
c285: 20 63 cb                     jsr     OUTPUT            ;CIC mode output
c288: 4c b5 c8                     jmp     CICEXIT           ;finish by checking for term mode

c28b: 4c fc c8     BOUTPUT2        jmp     SEROUT

                   *                                                                              *
                   * New Pascal interface entries.                                                *
                   *                                                                              *
c28e: 20 00 c8     PINIT           jsr     PASCALINIT
c291: a2 00                        ldx     #0                ;no error possible
c293: 60                           rts

c294: 4c 9b c8     PREAD           jmp     PASCALREAD

c297: 4c aa c9     PWRITE          jmp     PASCALWRITE

                   ; New Pascal status request.
                   ; A-reg=0 -> ready for output?
                   ; A-reg=1 -> has input been received?
c29a: 4a           PSTATUS         lsr     A                 ;save request type in carry
c29b: 20 9b c9                     jsr     PENTRY            ;(preserves carry)
c29e: b0 08                        bcs     PSTATIN
c2a0: 20 f5 ca                     jsr     SROUT             ;ready for output?
c2a3: f0 06                        beq     PSTATUS2
c2a5: 18                           clc
c2a6: 90 03                        bcc     PSTATUS2          ;carry clear for not ready

c2a8: 20 d2 ca     PSTATIN         jsr     SRIN              ;sets carry correctly
c2ab: bd b8 05     PSTATUS2        lda     STSBYTE,x         ;get error flags
c2ae: aa                           tax
c2af: 60                           rts

                   ; Routine to send a character to another card.
c2b0: a2 03        SENDCD          ldx     #3
c2b2: b5 36        SAVEHOOK        lda     MON_CSWL,x
c2b4: 48                           pha
c2b5: ca                           dex
c2b6: 10 fa                        bpl     SAVEHOOK
                   ; Now put card address in hook.
c2b8: ae f8 07                     ldx     MSLOT
c2bb: bd 38 06                     lda     PWDBYTE,x
c2be: 85 36                        sta     MON_CSWL
c2c0: bd b8 04                     lda     STATEFLG,x        ;get slot #
c2c3: 29 38                        and     #$38
c2c5: 4a                           lsr     A
c2c6: 4a                           lsr     A
c2c7: 4a                           lsr     A
c2c8: 09 c0                        ora     #$c0              ;form $CN
c2ca: 85 37                        sta     MON_CSWH
                   ; Output to the peripheral.
c2cc: 8a                           txa                       ;save $CN
c2cd: 48                           pha
c2ce: a5 27                        lda     CHARACTER
c2d0: 48                           pha
c2d1: 09 80                        ora     #$80              ;80 col boards want hi-bit on
c2d3: 20 ed fd                     jsr     MON_COUT
                   ; Now restore everything the other card may have clobbered.
c2d6: 68                           pla
c2d7: 85 27                        sta     CHARACTER
c2d9: 68                           pla
c2da: 8d f8 07                     sta     MSLOT
c2dd: aa                           tax
c2de: 0a                           asl     A
c2df: 0a                           asl     A
c2e0: 0a                           asl     A
c2e1: 0a                           asl     A
c2e2: 85 26                        sta     SLOT16
c2e4: 8d ff cf                     sta     CLRROM
                   ; Put back CSWL into CHNBYTE.
c2e7: a5 36                        lda     MON_CSWL
c2e9: 9d 38 06                     sta     PWDBYTE,x
c2ec: a2 00                        ldx     #0
c2ee: 68           RESTORHOOK      pla
c2ef: 95 36                        sta     MON_CSWL,x
c2f1: e8                           inx
c2f2: e0 04                        cpx     #4
c2f4: 90 f8                        bcc     RESTORHOOK
c2f6: ae f8 07                     ldx     MSLOT
c2f9: 60                           rts

c2fa: c1 d0 d0 cc+                 .str    “APPLE”
c2ff: 08                           .dd1    $08

Symbol Table