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Unenh_IIe_F8ROM Disassembly

                   * Apple II                                                                     *
                   * Monitor II                                                                   *
                   *                                                                              *
                   * Copyright 1978 by Apple Computer, Inc.                                       *
                   * All Rights Reserved                                                          *
                   *                                                                              *
                   * Steve Wozniak                                                                *
                   * Modified Nov 1978 by John A                                                  *
                   *                                                                              *
                   * Modified Sep 1981 by Rick Auricchio & Bryan Stearns for Apple2E 80cols       *
                   *                                                                              *
                   * Changes marked by 'RRA0981'                                                  *
                   * This is a disassembly of the original ("unenhanced") Apple //e monitor ROM.  *
                   * The labels and comments come from the "Monitor Firmware Listing" in          *
                   * _Reference Manual Addendum: Monitor ROM Listings For //e Only_.  This is a   *
                   * fairly direct translation -- operands are generally formatted as they appear *
                   * in the original listing.  Comments have been converted to mixed-case, but    *
                   * are otherwise largely unchanged.                                             *
                   *                                                                              *
                   * The GOTOCX routine at $fbb4 calls into the extended 80-column card firmware  *
                   * at $C100 to update the text screen and handle escape codes.  That firmware   *
                   * is covered in a separate disassembly.                                        *
                   * Project created by Andy McFadden, using 6502bench SourceGen v1.7.4.          *
                   * Last updated 2021/06/10                                                      *
                   IOADR           .eq     $c000  {const}
                   LOC0            .eq     $00
                   LOC1            .eq     $01
                   WNDLFT          .eq     $20
                   WNDWDTH         .eq     $21
                   WNDTOP          .eq     $22
                   WNDBTM          .eq     $23
                   CH              .eq     $24
                   CV              .eq     $25
                   GBASL           .eq     $26
                   GBASH           .eq     $27
                   BASL            .eq     $28
                   BASH            .eq     $29
                   H2              .eq     $2c
                   LMNEM           .eq     $2c
                   RMNEM           .eq     $2d
                   V2              .eq     $2d
                   CHKSUM          .eq     $2e
                   FORMAT          .eq     $2e
                   MASK            .eq     $2e
                   LASTIN          .eq     $2f
                   LENGTH          .eq     $2f
                   COLOR           .eq     $30
                   MODE            .eq     $31
                   INVFLG          .eq     $32
                   PROMPT          .eq     $33
                   YSAV            .eq     $34
                   YSAV1           .eq     $35
                   CSWL            .eq     $36
                   KSWL            .eq     $38
                   PCL             .eq     $3a
                   PCH             .eq     $3b
                   A1L             .eq     $3c
                   A1H             .eq     $3d
                   A2L             .eq     $3e
                   A2H             .eq     $3f
                   A3L             .eq     $40
                   A3H             .eq     $41
                   A4L             .eq     $42
                   A4H             .eq     $43
                   A5L             .eq     $44
                   A5H             .eq     $45
                   ACC             .eq     $45               ;note overlap with A5H!
                   XREG            .eq     $46
                   YREG            .eq     $47
                   STATUS          .eq     $48
                   SPNT            .eq     $49
                   IN              .eq     $0200  {addr/256}
                   BRKV            .eq     $03f0  {addr/2}   ;new vector for BRK
                   SOFTEV          .eq     $03f2  {addr/2}   ;vector for warm start
                   PWREDUP         .eq     $03f4  {addr/1}   ;this must = EOR #$A5 of SOFTEV+1
                   USRADR          .eq     $03f8  {addr/3}   ;Applesoft & exit vector
                   NMI             .eq     $03fb  {addr/3}
                   IRQLOC          .eq     $03fe  {addr/2}
                   LINE1           .eq     $0400  {addr/40}
                   MSLOT           .eq     $07f8  {addr/1}
                   KBD             .eq     $c000             ;R last key pressed + 128
                   SETSLOTCXROM    .eq     $c006             ;W use peripheral ROM ($C100-CFFF)
                   SETINTCXROM     .eq     $c007             ;W use internal ROM ($C100-CFFF)
                   KBDSTRB         .eq     $c010             ;RW keyboard strobe
                   RDCXROM         .eq     $c015             ;R bit 7: using internal slot ROM?
                   RD80COL         .eq     $c018             ;R bit 7: 80STORE is on?
                   RDPAGE2         .eq     $c01c             ;R bit 7: using page 2?
                   TAPEOUT         .eq     $c020             ;RW toggle caseette tape output
                   SPKR            .eq     $c030             ;RW toggle speaker
                   TXTCLR          .eq     $c050             ;RW display graphics
                   TXTSET          .eq     $c051             ;RW display text
                   MIXSET          .eq     $c053             ;RW display split screen
                   TXTPAGE1        .eq     $c054             ;RW display page 1
                   TXTPAGE2        .eq     $c055             ;RW display page 2 (or read/write aux mem)
                   LORES           .eq     $c056             ;RW display lo-res graphics
                   SETAN0          .eq     $c058             ;RW annunciator 0 off
                   SETAN1          .eq     $c05a             ;RW annunciator 1 off
                   TAPEIN          .eq     $c060             ;R read cassette input
                   PADDL0          .eq     $c064             ;R analog input 0
                   PTRIG           .eq     $c070             ;RW analog input reset
                   CLRROM          .eq     $cfff             ;disable slot C8 ROM
                   BASIC           .eq     $e000
                   BASIC2          .eq     $e003

                                   .org    $f800
f800: 4a           PLOT            lsr     A                 ;Y-coord/2
f801: 08                           php                       ;save LSB in carry
f802: 20 47 f8                     jsr     GBASCALC          ;calc base adr in GBASL,H
f805: 28                           plp                       ;restore LSB from carry
f806: a9 0f                        lda     #$0f              ;mask $0F if even
f808: 90 02                        bcc     RTMASK
f80a: 69 e0                        adc     #$e0              ;mask $F0 if odd
f80c: 85 2e        RTMASK          sta     MASK
f80e: b1 26        PLOT1           lda     (GBASL),y         ;data
f810: 45 30                        eor     COLOR             ; xor color
f812: 25 2e                        and     MASK              ;  and mask
f814: 51 26                        eor     (GBASL),y         ;   xor data
f816: 91 26                        sta     (GBASL),y         ;    to data
f818: 60                           rts

f819: 20 00 f8     HLINE           jsr     PLOT              ;plot square
f81c: c4 2c        HLINE1          cpy     H2                ;done?
f81e: b0 11                        bcs     RTS1              ; yes, return
f820: c8                           iny                       ; no, incr index (X-coord)
f821: 20 0e f8                     jsr     PLOT1             ;plot next square
f824: 90 f6                        bcc     HLINE1            ;always taken
f826: 69 01        VLINEZ          adc     #$01              ;next Y-coord
f828: 48           VLINE           pha                       ; save on stack
f829: 20 00 f8                     jsr     PLOT              ; plot square
f82c: 68                           pla
f82d: c5 2d                        cmp     V2                ;done?
f82f: 90 f5                        bcc     VLINEZ            ; no, loop
f831: 60           RTS1            rts

f832: a0 2f        CLRSCR          ldy     #$2f              ;max Y, full scrn clr
f834: d0 02                        bne     CLRSC2            ;always taken

f836: a0 27        CLRTOP          ldy     #$27              ;max Y, top scrn clr
f838: 84 2d        CLRSC2          sty     V2                ;store as bottom coord for VLINE calls
f83a: a0 27                        ldy     #$27              ;rightmost X-coord (column)
f83c: a9 00        CLRSC3          lda     #$00              ;top coord for VLINE calls
f83e: 85 30                        sta     COLOR             ;clear color (black)
f840: 20 28 f8                     jsr     VLINE             ;draw vline
f843: 88                           dey                       ;next leftmost X-coord
f844: 10 f6                        bpl     CLRSC3            ;loop until done.
f846: 60                           rts

f847: 48           GBASCALC        pha                       ;for input 000DEFGH
f848: 4a                           lsr     A
f849: 29 03                        and     #$03
f84b: 09 04                        ora     #$04              ;generate GBASH=000001FG
f84d: 85 27                        sta     GBASH
f84f: 68                           pla                       ;and GBASL=HDEDE000
f850: 29 18                        and     #$18
f852: 90 02                        bcc     GBCALC
f854: 69 7f                        adc     #$7f
f856: 85 26        GBCALC          sta     GBASL
f858: 0a                           asl     A
f859: 0a                           asl     A
f85a: 05 26                        ora     GBASL
f85c: 85 26                        sta     GBASL
f85e: 60                           rts

f85f: a5 30        NXTCOL          lda     COLOR             ;increment color by 3
f861: 18                           clc
f862: 69 03                        adc     #$03
f864: 29 0f        SETCOL          and     #$0f              ;sets COLOR=17*A mod 16
f866: 85 30                        sta     COLOR
f868: 0a                           asl     A                 ;both half bytes of COLOR equal
f869: 0a                           asl     A
f86a: 0a                           asl     A
f86b: 0a                           asl     A
f86c: 05 30                        ora     COLOR
f86e: 85 30                        sta     COLOR
f870: 60                           rts

f871: 4a           SCRN            lsr     A                 ;read screen Y-coord/2
f872: 08                           php                       ;save LSB (carry)
f873: 20 47 f8                     jsr     GBASCALC          ;calc base address
f876: b1 26                        lda     (GBASL),y         ;get byte
f878: 28                           plp                       ;restore LSB from carry
f879: 90 04        SCRN2           bcc     RTMSKZ            ;if even, use lo H
f87b: 4a                           lsr     A
f87c: 4a                           lsr     A
f87d: 4a                           lsr     A                 ;shift high half byte down
f87e: 4a                           lsr     A
f87f: 29 0f        RTMSKZ          and     #$0f              ;mask 4-bits
f881: 60                           rts

f882: a6 3a        INSDS1          ldx     PCL               ;print PCL,H
f884: a4 3b                        ldy     PCH
f886: 20 96 fd                     jsr     PRYX2
f889: 20 48 f9                     jsr     PRBLNK            ;followed by a blank
f88c: a1 3a                        lda     (PCL,x)           ;get opcode
f88e: a8           INSDS2          tay
f88f: 4a                           lsr     A                 ;even/odd test
f890: 90 09                        bcc     IEVEN
f892: 6a                           ror     A                 ;bit 1 test
f893: b0 10                        bcs     ERR               ;XXXXXX11 invalid op
f895: c9 a2                        cmp     #$a2
f897: f0 0c                        beq     ERR               ;opcode $89 invalid
f899: 29 87                        and     #$87              ;mask bits
f89b: 4a           IEVEN           lsr     A                 ;LSB into carry for L/R test
f89c: aa                           tax
f89d: bd 62 f9                     lda     FMT1,x            ;get format index byte
f8a0: 20 79 f8                     jsr     SCRN2             ;R/L H-byte on carry
f8a3: d0 04                        bne     GETFMT
f8a5: a0 80        ERR             ldy     #$80              ;substitute $80 for invalid ops
f8a7: a9 00                        lda     #$00              ;set print format index to 0
f8a9: aa           GETFMT          tax
f8aa: bd a6 f9                     lda     FMT2,x            ;index into print format table
f8ad: 85 2e                        sta     FORMAT            ;save for adr field formatting
f8af: 29 03                        and     #$03              ;mask for 2-bit length (P=1 byte, 1=2 byte, 2=3 byte)
f8b1: 85 2f                        sta     LENGTH
f8b3: 98                           tya                       ;opcode
f8b4: 29 8f                        and     #$8f              ;mask for 1XXX1010 test
f8b6: aa                           tax                       ; save it
f8b7: 98                           tya                       ;opcode to A again
f8b8: a0 03                        ldy     #$03
f8ba: e0 8a                        cpx     #$8a
f8bc: f0 0b                        beq     MNNDX3
f8be: 4a           MNNDX1          lsr     A
f8bf: 90 08                        bcc     MNNDX3            ;form index into mnemonic table
f8c1: 4a                           lsr     A
f8c2: 4a           MNNDX2          lsr     A                 ;1) 1XXX1010=>00101XXX
f8c3: 09 20                        ora     #$20              ;2) XXXYYY01=>00111XXX
f8c5: 88                           dey                       ;3) XXXYYY10=>00110XXX
f8c6: d0 fa                        bne     MNNDX2            ;4) XXXYY100=>00100XXX
f8c8: c8                           iny                       ;5) XXXXX000=>000XXXXX
f8c9: 88           MNNDX3          dey
f8ca: d0 f2                        bne     MNNDX1
f8cc: 60                           rts

f8cd: ff ff ff                     .bulk   $ff,$ff,$ff

f8d0: 20 82 f8     INSTDSP         jsr     INSDS1            ;gen fmt, len bytes
f8d3: 48                           pha                       ;save mnemonic table index
f8d4: b1 3a        PRNTOP          lda     (PCL),y
f8d6: 20 da fd                     jsr     PRBYTE
f8d9: a2 01                        ldx     #$01              ;print 2 blanks
f8db: 20 4a f9     PRNTBL          jsr     PRBL2
f8de: c4 2f                        cpy     LENGTH            ;print inst (1-3 bytes)
f8e0: c8                           iny                       ;in a 12 chr field
f8e1: 90 f1                        bcc     PRNTOP
f8e3: a2 03                        ldx     #$03              ;char count for mnemonic print
f8e5: c0 04                        cpy     #$04
f8e7: 90 f2                        bcc     PRNTBL
f8e9: 68                           pla                       ;recover mnemonic index
f8ea: a8                           tay
f8eb: b9 c0 f9                     lda     MNEML,y
f8ee: 85 2c                        sta     LMNEM             ;fech 3-char mnemonic
f8f0: b9 00 fa                     lda     MNEMR,y           ;  (packed in 2-bytes)
f8f3: 85 2d                        sta     RMNEM
f8f5: a9 00        PRMN1           lda     #$00
f8f7: a0 05                        ldy     #$05
f8f9: 06 2d        PRMN2           asl     RMNEM             ;shift 5 bits of character into A
f8fb: 26 2c                        rol     LMNEM
f8fd: 2a                           rol     A                 ;  (clears carry)
f8fe: 88                           dey
f8ff: d0 f8                        bne     PRMN2
f901: 69 bf                        adc     #$bf              ;add "?" offset
f903: 20 ed fd                     jsr     COUT              ;output a char of MNEM
f906: ca                           dex
f907: d0 ec                        bne     PRMN1
f909: 20 48 f9                     jsr     PRBLNK            ;output 3 blanks
f90c: a4 2f                        ldy     LENGTH
f90e: a2 06                        ldx     #$06              ;cnt for 6 format bits
f910: e0 03        PRADR1          cpx     #$03
f912: f0 1c                        beq     PRADR5            ;if X=3 then addr.
f914: 06 2e        PRADR2          asl     FORMAT
f916: 90 0e                        bcc     PRADR3
f918: bd b3 f9                     lda     CHAR1-1,x
f91b: 20 ed fd                     jsr     COUT
f91e: bd b9 f9                     lda     CHAR2-1,x
f921: f0 03                        beq     PRADR3
f923: 20 ed fd                     jsr     COUT
f926: ca           PRADR3          dex
f927: d0 e7                        bne     PRADR1
f929: 60                           rts

f92a: 88           PRADR4          dey
f92b: 30 e7                        bmi     PRADR2
f92d: 20 da fd                     jsr     PRBYTE
f930: a5 2e        PRADR5          lda     FORMAT
f932: c9 e8                        cmp     #$e8              ;handle rel adr mode
f934: b1 3a                        lda     (PCL),y           ;special (print target,
f936: 90 f2                        bcc     PRADR4            ;  not offset)
f938: 20 56 f9     RELADR          jsr     PCADJ3
f93b: aa                           tax                       ;PCL,PCH+OFFSET+1 to A,Y
f93c: e8                           inx
f93d: d0 01                        bne     PRNTYX            ;+1 to Y,X
f93f: c8                           iny
f940: 98           PRNTYX          tya
f941: 20 da fd     PRNTAX          jsr     PRBYTE            ;output target adr
f944: 8a           PRNTX           txa                       ;  of branch and return
f945: 4c da fd                     jmp     PRBYTE

f948: a2 03        PRBLNK          ldx     #$03              ;blank count
f94a: a9 a0        PRBL2           lda     #$a0              ;load a space
f94c: 20 ed fd     PRBL3           jsr     COUT              ;output a blank
f94f: ca                           dex
f950: d0 f8                        bne     PRBL2             ;loop until count=0
f952: 60                           rts

f953: 38           PCADJ           sec                       ;0=1 byte, 1=2 byte,
f954: a5 2f        PCADJ2          lda     LASTIN            ;  2=3 byte
f956: a4 3b        PCADJ3          ldy     PCH
f958: aa                           tax                       ;test displacement sign
f959: 10 01                        bpl     PCADJ4            ;  (for rel branch)
f95b: 88                           dey                       ;extend neg by decr PCH
f95c: 65 3a        PCADJ4          adc     PCL
f95e: 90 01                        bcc     RTS2              ;PCL+LENGTH(or DISPL)+1 to A
f960: c8                           iny                       ;  carry into Y (PCH)
f961: 60           RTS2            rts

                   ; FMT1 bytes:  XXXXXXY0 instrs
                   ; if Y=0       then left half byte
                   ; if Y=1       then right half byte
                   ;                   (x=index)
f962: 04 20 54 30+ FMT1            .bulk   $04,$20,$54,$30,$0d,$80,$04,$90,$03,$22,$54,$33,$0d,$80,$04,$90
                                    +      $04,$20,$54,$33,$0d,$80,$04,$90,$04,$20,$54,$3b,$0d,$80,$04,$90
                                    +      $00,$22,$44,$33,$0d,$c8,$44,$00,$11,$22,$44,$33,$0d,$c8,$44,$a9
                                    +      $01,$22,$44,$33,$0d,$80,$04,$90,$01,$22,$44,$33,$0d,$80,$04,$90
                                    +      $26,$31,$87,$9a
                   ; ZZXXXY01 instr's
f9a6: 00           FMT2            .dd1    $00               ;err
f9a7: 21                           .dd1    $21               ;imm
f9a8: 81                           .dd1    $81               ;z-page
f9a9: 82                           .dd1    $82               ;abs
f9aa: 00                           .dd1    $00               ;implied
f9ab: 00                           .dd1    $00               ;accumulator
f9ac: 59                           .dd1    $59               ;(zpag,x)
f9ad: 4d                           .dd1    $4d               ;(zpag),y
f9ae: 91                           .dd1    $91               ;zpag,x
f9af: 92                           .dd1    $92               ;abs,x
f9b0: 86                           .dd1    $86               ;abs,y
f9b1: 4a                           .dd1    $4a               ;(abs)
f9b2: 85                           .dd1    $85               ;zpag,y
f9b3: 9d                           .dd1    $9d               ;relative
f9b4: ac           CHAR1           .dd1    “,”
f9b5: a9                           .dd1    “)”
f9b6: ac                           .dd1    “,”
f9b7: a3                           .dd1    “#”
f9b8: a8                           .dd1    “(”
f9b9: a4                           .dd1    “$”
f9ba: d9           CHAR2           .dd1    “Y”
f9bb: 00                           .dd1    $00
f9bc: d8                           .dd1    “X”
f9bd: a4                           .dd1    “$”
f9be: a4                           .dd1    “$”
f9bf: 00                           .dd1    $00
                   ; (From original ROM listing)
                   ; MNEML is of form:
                   ; (A) XXXXX000
                   ; (B) XXXYY100
                   ; (C) 1XXX1010
                   ; (D) XXXYYY10
                   ; (E) XXXYYY01
                   ;     (X=index)
f9c0: 1c           MNEML           .dd1    $1c
f9c1: 8a                           .dd1    $8a
f9c2: 1c                           .dd1    $1c
f9c3: 23                           .dd1    $23
f9c4: 5d                           .dd1    $5d
f9c5: 8b                           .dd1    $8b
f9c6: 1b                           .dd1    $1b
f9c7: a1                           .dd1    $a1
f9c8: 9d                           .dd1    $9d
f9c9: 8a                           .dd1    $8a
f9ca: 1d                           .dd1    $1d
f9cb: 23                           .dd1    $23
f9cc: 9d                           .dd1    $9d
f9cd: 8b                           .dd1    $8b
f9ce: 1d                           .dd1    $1d
f9cf: a1                           .dd1    $a1
f9d0: 00                           .dd1    $00
f9d1: 29                           .dd1    $29
f9d2: 19                           .dd1    $19
f9d3: ae                           .dd1    $ae
f9d4: 69                           .dd1    $69
f9d5: a8                           .dd1    $a8
f9d6: 19                           .dd1    $19
f9d7: 23                           .dd1    $23
f9d8: 24                           .dd1    $24
f9d9: 53                           .dd1    $53
f9da: 1b                           .dd1    $1b
f9db: 23                           .dd1    $23
f9dc: 24                           .dd1    $24
f9dd: 53                           .dd1    $53
f9de: 19                           .dd1    $19               ;(A) format above
f9df: a1                           .dd1    $a1
f9e0: 00                           .dd1    $00
f9e1: 1a                           .dd1    $1a
f9e2: 5b                           .dd1    $5b
f9e3: 5b                           .dd1    $5b
f9e4: a5                           .dd1    $a5
f9e5: 69                           .dd1    $69
f9e6: 24                           .dd1    $24               ;(B) format
f9e7: 24                           .dd1    $24
f9e8: ae                           .dd1    $ae
f9e9: ae                           .dd1    $ae
f9ea: a8                           .dd1    $a8
f9eb: ad                           .dd1    $ad
f9ec: 29                           .dd1    $29
f9ed: 00                           .dd1    $00
f9ee: 7c                           .dd1    $7c               ;(C) format
f9ef: 00                           .dd1    $00
f9f0: 15                           .dd1    $15
f9f1: 9c                           .dd1    $9c
f9f2: 6d                           .dd1    $6d
f9f3: 9c                           .dd1    $9c
f9f4: a5                           .dd1    $a5
f9f5: 69                           .dd1    $69
f9f6: 29                           .dd1    $29               ;(D) format
f9f7: 53                           .dd1    $53
f9f8: 84                           .dd1    $84
f9f9: 13                           .dd1    $13
f9fa: 34                           .dd1    $34
f9fb: 11                           .dd1    $11
f9fc: a5                           .dd1    $a5
f9fd: 69                           .dd1    $69
f9fe: 23                           .dd1    $23               ;(E) format
f9ff: a0                           .dd1    $a0
fa00: d8           MNEMR           .dd1    $d8
fa01: 62                           .dd1    $62
fa02: 5a                           .dd1    $5a
fa03: 48                           .dd1    $48
fa04: 26                           .dd1    $26
fa05: 62                           .dd1    $62
fa06: 94                           .dd1    $94
fa07: 88                           .dd1    $88
fa08: 54                           .dd1    $54
fa09: 44                           .dd1    $44
fa0a: c8                           .dd1    $c8
fa0b: 54                           .dd1    $54
fa0c: 68                           .dd1    $68
fa0d: 44                           .dd1    $44
fa0e: e8                           .dd1    $e8
fa0f: 94                           .dd1    $94
fa10: 00                           .dd1    $00
fa11: b4                           .dd1    $b4
fa12: 08                           .dd1    $08
fa13: 84                           .dd1    $84
fa14: 74                           .dd1    $74
fa15: b4                           .dd1    $b4
fa16: 28                           .dd1    $28
fa17: 6e                           .dd1    $6e
fa18: 74                           .dd1    $74
fa19: f4                           .dd1    $f4
fa1a: cc                           .dd1    $cc
fa1b: 4a                           .dd1    $4a
fa1c: 72                           .dd1    $72
fa1d: f2                           .dd1    $f2
fa1e: a4                           .dd1    $a4               ;(A) format
fa1f: 8a                           .dd1    $8a
fa20: 00                           .dd1    $00
fa21: aa                           .dd1    $aa
fa22: a2                           .dd1    $a2
fa23: a2                           .dd1    $a2
fa24: 74                           .dd1    $74
fa25: 74                           .dd1    $74
fa26: 74                           .dd1    $74               ;(B) format
fa27: 72                           .dd1    $72
fa28: 44                           .dd1    $44
fa29: 68                           .dd1    $68
fa2a: b2                           .dd1    $b2
fa2b: 32                           .dd1    $32
fa2c: b2                           .dd1    $b2
fa2d: 00                           .dd1    $00
fa2e: 22                           .dd1    $22               ;(C) format
fa2f: 00                           .dd1    $00
fa30: 1a                           .dd1    $1a
fa31: 1a                           .dd1    $1a
fa32: 26                           .dd1    $26
fa33: 26                           .dd1    $26
fa34: 72                           .dd1    $72
fa35: 72                           .dd1    $72
fa36: 88                           .dd1    $88               ;(D) format
fa37: c8                           .dd1    $c8
fa38: c4                           .dd1    $c4
fa39: ca                           .dd1    $ca
fa3a: 26                           .dd1    $26
fa3b: 48                           .dd1    $48
fa3c: 44                           .dd1    $44
fa3d: 44                           .dd1    $44
fa3e: a2                           .dd1    $a2               ;(E) format
fa3f: c8                           .dd1    $c8

fa40: 85 45        IRQ             sta     ACC               ;*** IRQ handler
fa42: 68                           pla
fa43: 48                           pha
fa44: 0a                           asl     A
fa45: 0a                           asl     A
fa46: 0a                           asl     A
fa47: 30 03                        bmi     BREAK             ;test for 'BRK'
fa49: 6c fe 03                     jmp     (IRQLOC)          ;user routine vector in RAM

fa4c: 28           BREAK           plp
fa4d: 20 4c ff                     jsr     SAV1              ;save reg's on break
fa50: 68                           pla                       ;  including PC
fa51: 85 3a                        sta     PCL
fa53: 68                           pla
fa54: 85 3b                        sta     PCH
fa56: 6c f0 03                     jmp     (BRKV)            ;BRKV written over by disk boot

fa59: 20 82 f8     OLDBRK          jsr     INSDS1            ;print user PC
fa5c: 20 da fa                     jsr     RGDSP1            ;  and regs
fa5f: 4c 65 ff                     jmp     MON               ;go to monitor (no pass go, no $200!)

fa62: d8           RESET           cld                       ;do this first this time
fa63: 20 84 fe                     jsr     SETNORM
fa66: 20 2f fb                     jsr     INIT
fa69: 20 93 fe                     jsr     SETVID
fa6c: 20 89 fe                     jsr     SETKBD
fa6f: ad 58 c0     INITAN          lda     SETAN0            ;AN0 = TTL HI
fa72: ad 5a c0                     lda     SETAN1            ;AN1 = TTL HI
fa75: a0 05                        ldy     #5                ;code=INIT /RRA0981
fa77: 20 b4 fb                     jsr     GOTOCX            ;do Apple2e init /RRA0981
fa7a: ea                           nop                       ;/RRA0981
fa7b: ad ff cf                     lda     CLRROM            ;turn off extnsn ROM
fa7e: 2c 10 c0                     bit     KBDSTRB           ;clear keyboard
fa81: d8           NEWMON          cld
fa82: 20 3a ff                     jsr     BELL              ;causes delay if key bounces
fa85: ad f3 03                     lda     SOFTEV+1          ;is reset hi
fa88: 49 a5                        eor     #$a5              ;a funny complement of the
fa8a: cd f4 03                     cmp     PWREDUP           ;  pwr up byte ???
fa8d: d0 17                        bne     PWRUP             ;no so pwrup
fa8f: ad f2 03                     lda     SOFTEV            ;yes see if cold start
fa92: d0 0f                        bne     NOFIX             ;  has been done yet?
fa94: a9 e0                        lda     #$e0              ;does soft entry vector point at BASIC
fa96: cd f3 03                     cmp     SOFTEV+1
fa99: d0 08                        bne     NOFIX             ;yes so reenter system
fa9b: a0 03        FIXSEV          ldy     #3                ;no so point at warm start
fa9d: 8c f2 03                     sty     SOFTEV            ;  for next reset
faa0: 4c 00 e0                     jmp     BASIC             ;and do the cold start

faa3: 6c f2 03     NOFIX           jmp     (SOFTEV)          ;soft entry vector

faa6: 20 60 fb     PWRUP           jsr     APPLEII
faa9: a2 05                        ldx     #5                ;set page 3 vectors
faab: bd fc fa     SETPLP          lda     PWRCON-1,x        ;with cntrl B adrs
faae: 9d ef 03                     sta     BRKV-1,x          ;  of current BASIC
fab1: ca                           dex
fab2: d0 f7                        bne     SETPLP
fab4: a9 c8                        lda     #$c8              ;load hi slot +1
fab6: 86 00                        stx     LOC0              ;SETPG3 must return X=0
fab8: 85 01                        sta     LOC1              ;set ptr H
faba: a0 07        SLOOP           ldy     #7                ;Y is byte ptr
fabc: c6 01                        dec     LOC1
fabe: a5 01                        lda     LOC1
fac0: c9 c0                        cmp     #$c0              ;at last slot yet?
fac2: f0 d7                        beq     FIXSEV            ;yes and it can't be a disk
fac4: 8d f8 07                     sta     MSLOT
fac7: b1 00        NXTBYT          lda     (LOC0),y          ;fetch a slot byte
fac9: d9 01 fb                     cmp     DSKID-1,y         ;is it a disk?
facc: d0 ec                        bne     SLOOP             ;no, so next slot down
face: 88                           dey
facf: 88                           dey                       ;yes, so check next byte
fad0: 10 f5                        bpl     NXTBYT            ;until 4 bytes checked
fad2: 6c 00 00                     jmp     (LOC0)            ;go boot...

fad5: ea                           nop
fad6: ea                           nop
                   ; REGDSP must ORG $FAD7
fad7: 20 8e fd     REGDSP          jsr     CROUT             ;display user reg contents
fada: a9 45        RGDSP1          lda     #$45              ;  with labels
fadc: 85 40                        sta     A3L
fade: a9 00                        lda     #$00
fae0: 85 41                        sta     A3H
fae2: a2 fb                        ldx     #$fb
fae4: a9 a0        RDSP1           lda     #$a0
fae6: 20 ed fd                     jsr     COUT
fae9: bd 1e fa                     lda     RTBL-251,x
faec: 20 ed fd                     jsr     COUT
faef: a9 bd                        lda     #$bd
faf1: 20 ed fd                     jsr     COUT
faf4: b5 4a                        lda     ACC+5,x
faf6: 20 da fd                     jsr     PRBYTE
faf9: e8                           inx
fafa: 30 e8                        bmi     RDSP1
fafc: 60                           rts

fafd: 59 fa        PWRCON          .dd2    OLDBRK
faff: 00 e0 45                     .bulk   $00,$e0,$45
fb02: 20 ff 00 ff+ DSKID           .bulk   $20,$ff,$00,$ff,$03,$ff,$3c
fb09: c1 f0 f0 ec+ TITLE           .str    “Apple ][”
fb11: c4 c2 c1 ff+ XLTBL           .bulk   $c4,$c2,$c1,$ff,$c3,$ff,$ff,$ff
fb19: c1 d8 d9 d0+ RTBL            .str    “AXYPS”           ;register names for REGDSP

fb1e: ad 70 c0     PREAD           lda     PTRIG             ;trigger paddles
fb21: a0 00                        ldy     #$00              ;init count
fb23: ea                           nop                       ;compensate for 1st count
fb24: ea                           nop
fb25: bd 64 c0     PREAD2          lda     PADDL0,x          ;count Y-reg every 12 usec
fb28: 10 04                        bpl     RTS2D             ;  [actually 11]
fb2a: c8                           iny
fb2b: d0 f8                        bne     PREAD2            ;  exit at 255 max
fb2d: 88                           dey
fb2e: 60           RTS2D           rts

fb2f: a9 00        INIT            lda     #$00              ;clr status for debug software
fb31: 85 48                        sta     STATUS
fb33: ad 56 c0                     lda     LORES
fb36: ad 54 c0                     lda     TXTPAGE1          ;init video mode
fb39: ad 51 c0     SETTXT          lda     TXTSET            ;set for text mode
fb3c: a9 00                        lda     #$00              ;full screen window
fb3e: f0 0b                        beq     SETWND

fb40: ad 50 c0     SETGR           lda     TXTCLR            ;set for graphics mode
fb43: ad 53 c0                     lda     MIXSET            ;lower 4 lines as text window
fb46: 20 36 f8                     jsr     CLRTOP
fb49: a9 14                        lda     #$14
fb4b: 85 22        SETWND          sta     WNDTOP            ;set for 40 col window
fb4d: a9 00                        lda     #$00              ;  top in A-reg,
fb4f: 85 20                        sta     WNDLFT            ;  bottom at line $24
fb51: a0 08                        ldy     #8                ;code=SETWND /RRA0981
fb53: d0 5f                        bne     GOTOCX            ;do 40/80 /RRA0981

fb55: a9 18                        lda     #$18
fb57: 85 23                        sta     WNDBTM
fb59: a9 17                        lda     #$17              ;vtab to row 23
fb5b: 85 25                        sta     CV                ;vtabs to row in A-reg
fb5d: 4c 22 fc                     jmp     VTAB

fb60: 20 58 fc     APPLEII         jsr     HOME              ;clear the scrn
fb63: a0 08                        ldy     #8
fb65: b9 08 fb     STITLE          lda     TITLE-1,y         ;get a char
fb68: 99 0e 04                     sta     LINE1+14,y        ;put it at top center of screen
fb6b: 88                           dey
fb6c: d0 f7                        bne     STITLE
fb6e: 60                           rts

fb6f: ad f3 03     SETPWRC         lda     SOFTEV+1          ;routine to calculate the 'funny
fb72: 49 a5                        eor     #$a5              ;  complement' for the reset vector
fb74: 8d f4 03                     sta     PWREDUP
fb77: 60                           rts

                   ; check for a pause (Control-S)
fb78: c9 8d        VIDWAIT         cmp     #$8d              ;only when I have a CR
fb7a: d0 18                        bne     NOWAIT            ;not so, do regular
fb7c: ac 00 c0                     ldy     KBD               ;is key pressed?
fb7f: 10 13                        bpl     NOWAIT            ;no
fb81: c0 93                        cpy     #$93              ;yes -- is it Ctrl-S?
fb83: d0 0f                        bne     NOWAIT            ;nope - ignore
fb85: 2c 10 c0                     bit     KBDSTRB           ;clear strobe
fb88: ac 00 c0     KBDWAIT         ldy     KBD               ;wait till next key to resume
fb8b: 10 fb                        bpl     KBDWAIT           ;wait for keypress
fb8d: c0 83                        cpy     #$83              ;is it Control-C?
fb8f: f0 03                        beq     NOWAIT            ;yes, so leave it
fb91: 2c 10 c0                     bit     KBDSTRB           ;clr strobe
fb94: 4c fd fb     NOWAIT          jmp     VIDOUT            ;do as before

fb97: 38           ESCOLD          sec                       ;insure carry set
fb98: 4c 2c fc                     jmp     ESC1

fb9b: a8           ESCNOW          tay                       ;use char as index
fb9c: b9 48 fa                     lda     XLTBL-201,y       ;translate IJKM to CBAD
fb9f: 20 97 fb                     jsr     ESCOLD            ;do the cursor motion for full escapes /RRA0981
fba2: 20 21 fd                     jsr     RDESC             ;get IJKM, ijkm, arrows /RRA0981
fba5: c9 ce        ESCNEW          cmp     #$ce              ;is this an 'N'
fba7: b0 ee                        bcs     ESCOLD            ;'N' or greater - do it!
fba9: c9 c9                        cmp     #$c9              ;less than 'I'?
fbab: 90 ea                        bcc     ESCOLD            ;yes, so do old way
fbad: c9 cc                        cmp     #$cc              ;is it an 'L'?
fbaf: f0 e6                        beq     ESCOLD            ;do normal
fbb1: d0 e8                        bne     ESCNOW            ;go do it

fbb3: 06           VERSION         .dd1    $06               ;for IDCHECK /RRA0981

fbb4: 08           GOTOCX          php                       ;save user IRQ state /RRA0981
fbb5: 78                           sei                       ;inhibit during bankswitch /RRA0981
fbb6: 2c 15 c0                     bit     RDCXROM           ;get current state /RRA0981
fbb9: 08                           php                       ;save ROM bank state /RRA0981
fbba: 8d 07 c0                     sta     SETINTCXROM       ;set ROMs on /RRA0981
fbbd: 4c 00 c1                     jmp     $c100             ;=>off to CXspace /RRA0981

fbc0: ea                           nop                       ;/RRA0981
                   ; must ORG $FBC1
fbc1: 48           BASCALC         pha                       ;calc base adr in BASL,H
fbc2: 4a                           lsr     A                 ;  for given line no.
fbc3: 29 03                        and     #$03              ;  0<=line no.<=$17
fbc5: 09 04                        ora     #$04              ;ARG=000ABCDE, generate
fbc7: 85 29                        sta     BASH              ;  BASH=000001CD
fbc9: 68                           pla                       ;  and
fbca: 29 18                        and     #$18              ;  BASL=EABAB000
fbcc: 90 02                        bcc     BSCLC2
fbce: 69 7f                        adc     #$7f
fbd0: 85 28        BSCLC2          sta     BASL
fbd2: 0a                           asl     A
fbd3: 0a                           asl     A
fbd4: 05 28                        ora     BASL
fbd6: 85 28                        sta     BASL
fbd8: 60                           rts

fbd9: c9 87        BELL1           cmp     #$87              ;bell char? (Control-G)
fbdb: d0 12                        bne     RTS2B             ;  no, return
fbdd: a9 40                        lda     #$40              ;  yes...
fbdf: 20 a8 fc                     jsr     WAIT              ;delay .01 seconds
fbe2: a0 c0                        ldy     #$c0
fbe4: a9 0c        BELL2           lda     #$0c              ;toggle speaker at 1 KHz
fbe6: 20 a8 fc                     jsr     WAIT              ; for .1 sec.
fbe9: ad 30 c0                     lda     SPKR
fbec: 88                           dey
fbed: d0 f5                        bne     BELL2
fbef: 60           RTS2B           rts

fbf0: a4 24        STOADV          ldy     CH                ;cursor H index to Y-reg
fbf2: 91 28                        sta     (BASL),y          ;store char in line
fbf4: e6 24        ADVANCE         inc     CH                ;increment cursor H index
fbf6: a5 24                        lda     CH                ;  (move right)
fbf8: c5 21                        cmp     WNDWDTH           ;beyond window width?
fbfa: b0 66                        bcs     CR                ;  yes CR to next line
fbfc: 60           RTS3            rts                       ;  no, return

fbfd: c9 a0        VIDOUT          cmp     #$a0              ;control char?
fbff: b0 ef                        bcs     STOADV            ;  no, output it
fc01: a8                           tay                       ;inverse video?
fc02: 10 ec                        bpl     STOADV            ;  yes, output it.
fc04: c9 8d                        cmp     #$8d              ;CR?
fc06: f0 5a                        beq     CR                ;  yes.
fc08: c9 8a                        cmp     #$8a              ;line feed?
fc0a: f0 5a                        beq     LF                ;  if so, do it.
fc0c: c9 88                        cmp     #$88              ;back space? (Control-H)
fc0e: d0 c9                        bne     BELL1             ;  no, check for bell.
fc10: c6 24        BS              dec     CH                ;decrement cursor H index
fc12: 10 e8                        bpl     RTS3              ;if positive, OK; else move up
fc14: a5 21                        lda     WNDWDTH           ;set CH to window width - 1
fc16: 85 24                        sta     CH
fc18: c6 24                        dec     CH                ;(rightmost screen pos)
fc1a: a5 22        UP              lda     WNDTOP            ;cursor V index
fc1c: c5 25                        cmp     CV
fc1e: b0 0b                        bcs     RTS4              ;if top line then return
fc20: c6 25                        dec     CV                ;decr cursor V-index
fc22: a5 25        VTAB            lda     CV                ;get cursor V-index
fc24: 20 c1 fb     VTABZ           jsr     BASCALC           ;generate base addr
fc27: 65 20                        adc     WNDLFT            ;and window left index
fc29: 85 28                        sta     BASL              ;to BASL
fc2b: 60           RTS4            rts

fc2c: 49 c0        ESC1            eor     #$c0              ;esc '@'?
fc2e: f0 28                        beq     HOME              ;  if so, do home and clear
fc30: 69 fd                        adc     #$fd              ;esc-A or B check
fc32: 90 c0                        bcc     ADVANCE           ;  A, advance
fc34: f0 da                        beq     BS                ;  B, backspace
fc36: 69 fd                        adc     #$fd              ;esc-C or D check
fc38: 90 2c                        bcc     LF                ;  C,down
fc3a: f0 de                        beq     UP                ;  D, go up
fc3c: 69 fd                        adc     #$fd              ;esc-E or F check
fc3e: 90 5c                        bcc     CLREOL            ;  E, clear to end of line
fc40: d0 e9                        bne     RTS4              ;  else not F, return
fc42: a0 00        CLREOP          ldy     #0                ;code=CLREOP /RRA0981
fc44: f0 2c                        beq     XGOTOCX           ;do 40/80 /RRA0981

fc46: a8 c3 a9 a0+                 .str    “(C) 1981-82, APPLE”

fc58: a0 01        HOME            ldy     #1                ;code=HOME /RRA0981
fc5a: d0 16                        bne     XGOTOCX           ;do 40/80 /RRA0981

fc5c: d2 c9 c3 cb+                 .str    “RICK A”          ;our hero...

fc62: a9 00        CR              lda     #$00              ;cursor to left of index
fc64: 85 24                        sta     CH                ;(ret cursor H=0)
fc66: e6 25        LF              inc     CV                ;incr cursor V (down 1 line)
fc68: a5 25                        lda     CV
fc6a: c5 23                        cmp     WNDBTM            ;off screen?
fc6c: 90 b6                        bcc     VTABZ             ;  no, set base addr
fc6e: c6 25                        dec     CV                ;decr cursor V (back to bottom)
fc70: a0 02        SCROLL          ldy     #2                ;code=SCROLL /RRA0981
fc72: 4c b4 fb     XGOTOCX         jmp     GOTOCX            ;do 40/80

                   ; IRQ sniffer for video code [called from 80-column firmware].
fc75: 48                           pha                       ;preserve AC /RRA0981
fc76: ad 18 c0                     lda     RD80COL           ;flag->N /RRA0981
fc79: 0a                           asl     A                 ;flag->C /RRA0981
fc7a: 68                           pla                       ;restore AC /RRA0981
fc7b: 2c 1c c0                     bit     RDPAGE2           ;flag->N /RRA0981
fc7e: 08                           php                       ;/RRA0981
fc7f: 90 03                        bcc     RDCX              ;not bankswitching /RRA0981
fc81: 8d 54 c0                     sta     TXTPAGE1          ;force MB txtpage /RRA0981
fc84: 2c 15 c0     RDCX            bit     RDCXROM           ;flag->N /RRA0981
fc87: 8d 06 c0                     sta     SETSLOTCXROM      ;restore bank /RRA0981
fc8a: 58                           cli                       ;enable IRQ /RRA0981
fc8b: 78                           sei                       ;now disable /RRA0981
fc8c: 10 03                        bpl     ISSLOTS           ;=>was SLOTS /RRA0981
fc8e: 8d 07 c0                     sta     SETINTCXROM       ;bank-in CX /RRA0981
fc91: 28           ISSLOTS         plp                       ;what vid bank/page? /RRA0981
fc92: 90 05                        bcc     ISPAGE1           ;=>not banked /RRA0981
fc94: 10 03                        bpl     ISPAGE1           ;it's page1 /RRA0981
fc96: 2c 55 c0                     bit     TXTPAGE2          ;force page2 /RRA0981
fc99: 60           ISPAGE1         rts                       ;continue video /RRA0981

fc9a: ea                           nop                       ;/RRA0981
fc9b: ea                           nop                       ;/RRA0981
fc9c: 18           CLREOL          clc                       ;say 'EOL' /RRA0981
fc9d: b0                           bcs ▼   WRBIT+1           ;'BCS' opcode /RRA0981
fc9e: 38           CLREOLZ         sec                       ;say 'EOLZ' /RRA0981
fc9f: 84 1f                        sty     $1f               ;video's YSAV1 /RRA0981
fca1: a0 03                        ldy     #3                ;code=EOL /RRA0981
fca3: 90 cd                        bcc     XGOTOCX           ;->it's EOL /RRA0981
fca5: c8                           iny                       ;code=EOLZ /RRA0981
fca6: d0 ca                        bne     XGOTOCX           ;->always /RRA0981
fca8: 38           WAIT            sec
fca9: 48           WAIT2           pha
fcaa: e9 01        WAIT3           sbc     #$01              ;1.0204 usec [wrong]
fcac: d0 fc                        bne     WAIT3             ;(13+2712*A+512*A*A) [wrong]
fcae: 68                           pla
fcaf: e9 01                        sbc     #$01
fcb1: d0 f6                        bne     WAIT2
fcb3: 60                           rts

fcb4: e6 42        NXTA4           inc     A4L               ;incr 2-byte A4
fcb6: d0 02                        bne     NXTA1             ;  and A1
fcb8: e6 43                        inc     A4H
fcba: a5 3c        NXTA1           lda     A1L               ;incr 2-byte A1.
fcbc: c5 3e                        cmp     A2L               ;  and compare to A2
fcbe: a5 3d                        lda     A1H               ;  (carry set if >=)
fcc0: e5 3f                        sbc     A2H
fcc2: e6 3c                        inc     A1L
fcc4: d0 02                        bne     RTS4B
fcc6: e6 3d                        inc     A1H
fcc8: 60           RTS4B           rts

fcc9: a0 4b        HEADR           ldy     #$4b              ;write A*256 'long 1'
fccb: 20 db fc                     jsr     ZERDLY            ;  half cycles
fcce: d0 f9                        bne     HEADR             ;  (650 usec each)
fcd0: 69 fe                        adc     #$fe
fcd2: b0 f5                        bcs     HEADR             ;then a 'short 0'
fcd4: a0 21                        ldy     #$21              ;  (400 usec)
fcd6: 20 db fc     WRBIT           jsr     ZERDLY            ;write two half cycles
fcd9: c8                           iny                       ;  of 250 usec ('0')
fcda: c8                           iny                       ;  or 500 usec ('0')
fcdb: 88           ZERDLY          dey
fcdc: d0 fd                        bne     ZERDLY
fcde: 90 05                        bcc     WRTAPE            ;Y is count for
fce0: a0 32                        ldy     #$32              ;  timing loop
fce2: 88           ONEDLY          dey
fce3: d0 fd                        bne     ONEDLY
fce5: ac 20 c0     WRTAPE          ldy     TAPEOUT
fce8: a0 2c                        ldy     #$2c
fcea: ca                           dex
fceb: 60                           rts

fcec: a2 08        RDBYTE          ldx     #$08              ;8 bits to read
fcee: 48           RDBYT2          pha                       ;read two transitions
fcef: 20 fa fc                     jsr     RD2BIT            ;  (find edge)
fcf2: 68                           pla
fcf3: 2a                           rol     A                 ;next bit
fcf4: a0 3a                        ldy     #$3a              ;count for samples
fcf6: ca                           dex
fcf7: d0 f5                        bne     RDBYT2
fcf9: 60                           rts

fcfa: 20 fd fc     RD2BIT          jsr     RDBIT
fcfd: 88           RDBIT           dey                       ;decr Y until
fcfe: ad 60 c0                     lda     TAPEIN            ;  tape transition
fd01: 45 2f                        eor     LASTIN
fd03: 10 f8                        bpl     RDBIT
fd05: 45 2f                        eor     LASTIN
fd07: 85 2f                        sta     LASTIN
fd09: c0 80                        cpy     #$80              ;set carry on Y-reg.
fd0b: 60                           rts

fd0c: a4 24        RDKEY           ldy     CH
fd0e: b1 28                        lda     (BASL),y          ;set screen to flash
fd10: 48                           pha
fd11: 29 3f                        and     #$3f
fd13: 09 40                        ora     #$40
fd15: 91 28                        sta     (BASL),y
fd17: 68                           pla
fd18: 6c 38 00                     jmp     (KSWL)            ;go to user key-in

fd1b: a0 06        KEYIN           ldy     #6                ;RDKEY /RRA0981
fd1d: 4c b4 fb                     jmp     GOTOCX            ;/RRA0981

fd20: ea                           nop
fd21: 20 0c fd     RDESC           jsr     RDKEY             ;get a key
fd24: a0 07                        ldy     #7                ;code=FIXIT
fd26: 4c b4 fb                     jmp     GOTOCX

                   ; Return from GOTOCX here.
                   ; [80-column firmware will jump to $FD29 or $FD2C.]
fd29: 8d 06 c0                     sta     SETSLOTCXROM      ;restore bank /RRA0981
fd2c: 28                           plp                       ;restore IRQ /RRA0981
fd2d: 60                           rts                       ;return to caller /RRA0981

fd2e: 60                           rts

fd2f: 20 21 fd     ESC             jsr     RDESC             ;/RRA0981
fd32: 20 a5 fb                     jsr     ESCNEW            ;handle ESC function
fd35: 20 0c fd     RDCHAR          jsr     RDKEY             ;go read key
fd38: c9 9b                        cmp     #$9b              ;'ESC'?
fd3a: f0 f3                        beq     ESC               ;  yes, don't return
fd3c: 60                           rts

fd3d: a5 32        NOTCR           lda     INVFLG
fd3f: 48                           pha
fd40: a9 ff                        lda     #$ff
fd42: ea                           nop                       ;don't change input /RRA0981
fd43: ea                           nop                       ;  to normal /RRA0981
fd44: bd 00 02                     lda     IN,x
fd47: 20 ed fd                     jsr     COUT              ;echo typed char
fd4a: 68                           pla
fd4b: 85 32                        sta     INVFLG
fd4d: bd 00 02                     lda     IN,x
fd50: c9 88                        cmp     #$88              ;check for edit keys
fd52: f0 1d                        beq     BCKSPC            ; - backspace
fd54: c9 98                        cmp     #$98
fd56: f0 0a                        beq     CANCEL            ;  - Control-X
fd58: e0 f8                        cpx     #$f8
fd5a: 90 03                        bcc     NOTCR1            ;margin?
fd5c: 20 3a ff                     jsr     BELL              ;yes, sound bell
fd5f: e8           NOTCR1          inx                       ;advance input index
fd60: d0 13                        bne     NXTCHAR
fd62: a9 dc        CANCEL          lda     #$dc              ;backslash after cancelled line
fd64: 20 ed fd                     jsr     COUT
fd67: 20 8e fd     GETLNZ          jsr     CROUT             ;output 'CR'
fd6a: a5 33        GETLN           lda     PROMPT            ;output prompt char
fd6c: 20 ed fd                     jsr     COUT
fd6f: a2 01                        ldx     #$01              ;init input index
fd71: 8a           BCKSPC          txa
fd72: f0 f3                        beq     GETLNZ            ;will backspace to 0
fd74: ca                           dex
fd75: 20 35 fd     NXTCHAR         jsr     RDCHAR
fd78: c9 95                        cmp     #$95              ;use screen char
fd7a: d0 02                        bne     CAPTST            ;  for Control-U
fd7c: b1 28                        lda     (BASL),y
fd7e: c9 e0        CAPTST          cmp     #$e0              ;lower case?
fd80: 90 02                        bcc     ADDINP
fd82: 29 ff                        and     #$ff              ;don't convert to upper case! /RRA0981
fd84: 9d 00 02     ADDINP          sta     IN,x              ;add to input buffer
fd87: c9 8d                        cmp     #$8d
fd89: d0 b2                        bne     NOTCR
fd8b: 20 9c fc                     jsr     CLREOL            ;clr to EOL if CR
fd8e: a9 8d        CROUT           lda     #$8d
fd90: d0 5b                        bne     COUT              ;(always)

fd92: a4 3d        PRA1            ldy     A1H               ;print CR,A1 in hex
fd94: a6 3c                        ldx     A1L
fd96: 20 8e fd     PRYX2           jsr     CROUT
fd99: 20 40 f9                     jsr     PRNTYX
fd9c: a0 00                        ldy     #$00
fd9e: a9 ad                        lda     #$ad              ;print '-'
fda0: 4c ed fd                     jmp     COUT

fda3: a5 3c        XAM8            lda     A1L
fda5: 09 07                        ora     #$07              ;set to finish at
fda7: 85 3e                        sta     A2L               ;  mod 8=7
fda9: a5 3d                        lda     A1H
fdab: 85 3f                        sta     A2H
fdad: a5 3c        MOD8CHK         lda     A1L
fdaf: 29 07                        and     #$07
fdb1: d0 03                        bne     DATACUT
fdb3: 20 92 fd     XAM             jsr     PRA1
fdb6: a9 a0        DATACUT         lda     #$a0
fdb8: 20 ed fd                     jsr     COUT              ;output blank
fdbb: b1 3c                        lda     (A1L),y
fdbd: 20 da fd                     jsr     PRBYTE            ;output byte in hex
fdc0: 20 ba fc                     jsr     NXTA1
fdc3: 90 e8                        bcc     MOD8CHK           ;not done yet.  Go check mod 8
fdc5: 60           RTS4C           rts                       ;done.

fdc6: 4a           XAMPM           lsr     A                 ;determine if monitor mode is
fdc7: 90 ea                        bcc     XAM               ;  examine, add or subtract
fdc9: 4a                           lsr     A
fdca: 4a                           lsr     A
fdcb: a5 3e                        lda     A2L
fdcd: 90 02                        bcc     ADD
fdcf: 49 ff                        eor     #$ff              ;form 2's complement for subtract
fdd1: 65 3c        ADD             adc     A1L
fdd3: 48                           pha
fdd4: a9 bd                        lda     #$bd              ;print '=', then result
fdd6: 20 ed fd                     jsr     COUT
fdd9: 68                           pla
fdda: 48           PRBYTE          pha                       ;print byte as 2 hex digits
fddb: 4a                           lsr     A                 ;  (destroys A-reg)
fddc: 4a                           lsr     A
fddd: 4a                           lsr     A
fdde: 4a                           lsr     A
fddf: 20 e5 fd                     jsr     PRHEXZ
fde2: 68                           pla
fde3: 29 0f        PRHEX           and     #$0f              ;print hex digit in A-reg
fde5: 09 b0        PRHEXZ          ora     #$b0              ;  LSBits only
fde7: c9 ba                        cmp     #$ba
fde9: 90 02                        bcc     COUT
fdeb: 69 06                        adc     #$06
fded: 6c 36 00     COUT            jmp     (CSWL)            ;vector to user output routine

fdf0: c9 a0        COUT1           cmp     #$a0
fdf2: 90 02                        bcc     COUTZ             ;don't output ctrl's inverse
fdf4: 25 32                        and     INVFLG            ;mask with inverse flag
fdf6: 84 35        COUTZ           sty     YSAV1             ;save Y-reg
fdf8: 48                           pha                       ;save A-reg
fdf9: 20 78 fb                     jsr     VIDWAIT           ;output chr & check for Ctrl-S
fdfc: 68                           pla                       ;restore A-reg
fdfd: a4 35                        ldy     YSAV1             ;  and Y-reg
fdff: 60                           rts                       ;  return to sender...

fe00: c6 34        BL1             dec     YSAV
fe02: f0 9f                        beq     XAM8
fe04: ca           BLANK           dex                       ;blank to mon
fe05: d0 16                        bne     SETMDZ            ;after blank
fe07: c9 ba                        cmp     #$ba              ;data store mode?
fe09: d0 bb                        bne     XAMPM             ;  no, xam, add or sub
fe0b: 85 31        STOR            sta     MODE              ;keep in store mode
fe0d: a5 3e                        lda     A2L
fe0f: 91 40                        sta     (A3L),y           ;store as lwo byte as (A3)
fe11: e6 40                        inc     A3L
fe13: d0 02                        bne     RTS5              ;incr A3, return
fe15: e6 41                        inc     A3H
fe17: 60           RTS5            rts

fe18: a4 34        SETMODE         ldy     YSAV              ;save converted ':', '+',
fe1a: b9 ff 01                     lda     IN-1,y            ;  '-', '.' as mode.
fe1d: 85 31        SETMDZ          sta     MODE
fe1f: 60                           rts

fe20: a2 01        LT              ldx     #$01
fe22: b5 3e        LT2             lda     A2L,x             ;copy A2 (2 bytes) to
fe24: 95 42                        sta     A4L,x             ;  A4 and A5
fe26: 95 44                        sta     A5L,x
fe28: ca                           dex
fe29: 10 f7                        bpl     LT2
fe2b: 60                           rts

fe2c: b1 3c        MOVE            lda     (A1L),y           ;move (A1 to A2) to (A4)
fe2e: 91 42                        sta     (A4L),y
fe30: 20 b4 fc                     jsr     NXTA4
fe33: 90 f7                        bcc     MOVE
fe35: 60                           rts

fe36: b1 3c        VFY             lda     (A1L),y           ;verify (A1) thru (A2)
fe38: d1 42                        cmp     (A4L),y           ;  with (A4)
fe3a: f0 1c                        beq     VFYOK
fe3c: 20 92 fd                     jsr     PRA1
fe3f: b1 3c                        lda     (A1L),y
fe41: 20 da fd                     jsr     PRBYTE
fe44: a9 a0                        lda     #$a0
fe46: 20 ed fd                     jsr     COUT
fe49: a9 a8                        lda     #$a8
fe4b: 20 ed fd                     jsr     COUT
fe4e: b1 42                        lda     (A4L),y
fe50: 20 da fd                     jsr     PRBYTE
fe53: a9 a9                        lda     #$a9
fe55: 20 ed fd                     jsr     COUT
fe58: 20 b4 fc     VFYOK           jsr     NXTA4
fe5b: 90 d9                        bcc     VFY
fe5d: 60                           rts

fe5e: 20 75 fe     LIST            jsr     A1PC              ;move A1 (2 bytes) to
fe61: a9 14                        lda     #$14              ;  PC if spec'd and
fe63: 48           LIST2           pha                       ;  dissemble 20 instrs
fe64: 20 d0 f8                     jsr     INSTDSP
fe67: 20 53 f9                     jsr     PCADJ             ;adjust PC after each instruction
fe6a: 85 3a                        sta     PCL
fe6c: 84 3b                        sty     PCH
fe6e: 68                           pla
fe6f: 38                           sec
fe70: e9 01                        sbc     #$01              ;next of 20 instructions
fe72: d0 ef                        bne     LIST2
fe74: 60                           rts

fe75: 8a           A1PC            txa                       ;if user specified an address,
fe76: f0 07                        beq     A1PCRTS           ;  copy it from A1 to PC
fe78: b5 3c        A1PCLP          lda     A1L,x             ;yep, so copy it
fe7a: 95 3a                        sta     PCL,x
fe7c: ca                           dex
fe7d: 10 f9                        bpl     A1PCLP
fe7f: 60           A1PCRTS         rts

fe80: a0 3f        SETINV          ldy     #$3f              ;set for inverse vid
fe82: d0 02                        bne     SETIFLG           ;  via COUT1

fe84: a0 ff        SETNORM         ldy     #$ff              ;set for normal vid
fe86: 84 32        SETIFLG         sty     INVFLG
fe88: 60                           rts

fe89: a9 00        SETKBD          lda     #$00              ;do 'IN#0'
fe8b: 85 3e        INPORT          sta     A2L               ;do 'IN#AREG'
fe8d: a2 38        INPRT           ldx     #KSWL
fe8f: a0 1b                        ldy     #<KEYIN
fe91: d0 08                        bne     IOPRT

fe93: a9 00        SETVID          lda     #$00              ;do 'PR#0'
fe95: 85 3e        OUTPORT         sta     A2L               ;do 'PR#AREG'
fe97: a2 36        OUTPRT          ldx     #CSWL
fe99: a0 f0                        ldy     #<COUT1
fe9b: a5 3e        IOPRT           lda     A2L               ;set input/output vectors
fe9d: 29 0f                        and     #$0f
fe9f: f0 06                        beq     IOPRT1
fea1: 09 c0                        ora     #>IOADR
fea3: a0 00                        ldy     #$00
fea5: f0 02                        beq     IOPRT2

fea7: a9 fd        IOPRT1          lda     #>COUT1
fea9: 94 00        IOPRT2          sty     LOC0,x
feab: 95 01                        sta     LOC1,x
fead: 60                           rts

feae: ea                           nop
feaf: d1           CKSUMFIX        .dd1    $d1               ;-->correct cksum at create time /RRA0981

feb0: 4c 00 e0     XBASIC          jmp     BASIC             ;to BASIC, cold start

feb3: 4c 03 e0     BASCONT         jmp     BASIC2            ;to BASIC, warm start

feb6: 20 75 fe     GO              jsr     A1PC              ;adr to PC if specified
feb9: 20 3f ff                     jsr     RESTORE           ;restore fake registers
febc: 6c 3a 00                     jmp     (PCL)             ;and go!

febf: 4c d7 fa     REGZ            jmp     REGDSP            ;go display registers

fec2: 60           TRACE           rts                       ;trace is gone

fec3: ea                           nop
fec4: 60           STEPZ           rts                       ;step is gone

fec5: c2 f2 f9 e1+                 .str    “Bryan”

feca: 4c f8 03     USR             jmp     USRADR            ;jump to Control-Y vector in RAM

fecd: a9 40        WRITE           lda     #$40              ;tape write routine
fecf: 20 c9 fc                     jsr     HEADR             ;write 10-sec header
fed2: a0 27                        ldy     #$27
fed4: a2 00        WR1             ldx     #$00
fed6: 41 3c                        eor     (A1L,x)
fed8: 48                           pha
fed9: a1 3c                        lda     (A1L,x)
fedb: 20 ed fe                     jsr     WRBYTE
fede: 20 ba fc                     jsr     NXTA1
fee1: a0 1d                        ldy     #$1d
fee3: 68                           pla
fee4: 90 ee                        bcc     WR1
fee6: a0 22                        ldy     #$22
fee8: 20 ed fe                     jsr     WRBYTE
feeb: f0 4d                        beq     BELL
feed: a2 10        WRBYTE          ldx     #$10
feef: 0a           WRBYT2          asl     A
fef0: 20 d6 fc                     jsr     WRBIT
fef3: d0 fa                        bne     WRBYT2
fef5: 60                           rts

fef6: 20 00 fe     CRMON           jsr     BL1               ;handle CR as blank
fef9: 68                           pla                       ;  then pop stack
fefa: 68                           pla                       ;  and return to mon
fefb: d0 6c                        bne     MONZ              ;(always)

fefd: 20 fa fc     READ            jsr     RD2BIT            ;tape read - find tapein edge
ff00: a9 16                        lda     #$16              ;delay 3.5 seconds
ff02: 20 c9 fc                     jsr     HEADR
ff05: 85 2e                        sta     CHKSUM            ;initial checksum = $FF
ff07: 20 fa fc                     jsr     RD2BIT            ;find an edge
ff0a: a0 24        RD2             ldy     #$24              ;look for sync bit
ff0c: 20 fd fc                     jsr     RDBIT             ;  (short 0)
ff0f: b0 f9                        bcs     RD2               ;loop 'til found
ff11: 20 fd fc                     jsr     RDBIT             ;skip 2nd half cycle
ff14: a0 3b                        ldy     #$3b              ;index for 0/1 test
ff16: 20 ec fc     RD3             jsr     RDBYTE            ;read a byte
ff19: 81 3c                        sta     (A1L,x)           ;put it at (A1)
ff1b: 45 2e                        eor     CHKSUM            ;update running checksum
ff1d: 85 2e                        sta     CHKSUM
ff1f: 20 ba fc                     jsr     NXTA1             ;incr A1, compare to A2
ff22: a0 35                        ldy     #$35              ;compenstate 0/1 index
ff24: 90 f0                        bcc     RD3               ;repeat 'til done
ff26: 20 ec fc                     jsr     RDBYTE            ;read checksum byte
ff29: c5 2e                        cmp     CHKSUM            ;does the recorded chksm match ours?
ff2b: f0 0d                        beq     BELL              ;  yep, read OK, beep and return
ff2d: a9 c5        PRERR           lda     #$c5              ;print 'ERR', then fall into
ff2f: 20 ed fd                     jsr     COUT              ;  fweeper
ff32: a9 d2                        lda     #$d2
ff34: 20 ed fd                     jsr     COUT
ff37: 20 ed fd                     jsr     COUT
ff3a: a9 87        BELL            lda     #$87              ;make a joyful noise, then return
ff3c: 4c ed fd                     jmp     COUT

ff3f: a5 48        RESTORE         lda     STATUS            ;restore 6502 register contents
ff41: 48                           pha                       ;  used by debug software
ff42: a5 45                        lda     A5H
ff44: a6 46        RESTR1          ldx     XREG
ff46: a4 47                        ldy     YREG
ff48: 28                           plp
ff49: 60                           rts

ff4a: 85 45        SAVE            sta     A5H               ;save 6502 reg contents
ff4c: 86 46        SAV1            stx     XREG              ;  for debug software
ff4e: 84 47                        sty     YREG
ff50: 08                           php
ff51: 68                           pla
ff52: 85 48                        sta     STATUS
ff54: ba                           tsx
ff55: 86 49                        stx     SPNT
ff57: d8                           cld
ff58: 60                           rts

ff59: 20 84 fe     OLDRST          jsr     SETNORM           ;set screen mode
ff5c: 20 2f fb                     jsr     INIT              ;  and init kbd/screen
ff5f: 20 93 fe                     jsr     SETVID            ;  as I/O dev's
ff62: 20 89 fe                     jsr     SETKBD
ff65: d8           MON             cld                       ;must set hex mode!
ff66: 20 3a ff                     jsr     BELL              ;fweeper
ff69: a9 aa        MONZ            lda     #$aa              ;'*' prompt for mon
ff6b: 85 33                        sta     PROMPT
ff6d: 20 67 fd                     jsr     GETLNZ            ;read a line of input
ff70: 20 c7 ff                     jsr     ZMODE             ;clear monitor mode, scan idx
ff73: 20 a7 ff     NXTITM          jsr     GETNUM            ;get item, non-hex
ff76: 84 34                        sty     YSAV              ;  char in A-reg
ff78: a0 17                        ldy     #$17              ;  X-reg=0 if no hex input
ff7a: 88           CHRSRCH         dey
ff7b: 30 e8                        bmi     MON               ;command not found, beep & try again
ff7d: d9 cc ff                     cmp     CHRTBL,y          ;find command char in table
ff80: d0 f8                        bne     CHRSRCH           ;not this time
ff82: 20 be ff                     jsr     TOSUB             ;got it! Call corresponding subroutine
ff85: a4 34                        ldy     YSAV              ;process next entry on [t]his line
ff87: 4c 73 ff                     jmp     NXTITM

ff8a: a2 03        DIG             ldx     #$03
ff8c: 0a                           asl     A
ff8d: 0a                           asl     A                 ;got hex digit,
ff8e: 0a                           asl     A                 ;  shift into A2
ff8f: 0a                           asl     A
ff90: 0a           NXTBIT          asl     A
ff91: 26 3e                        rol     A2L
ff93: 26 3f                        rol     A2H
ff95: ca                           dex                       ;leave X=$ff if dig
ff96: 10 f8                        bpl     NXTBIT
ff98: a5 31        NXTBAS          lda     MODE
ff9a: d0 06                        bne     NXTBS2            ;if mode is zero
ff9c: b5 3f                        lda     A2H,x             ;  then copy A2 to A1 and A3
ff9e: 95 3d                        sta     A1H,x
ffa0: 95 41                        sta     A3H,x
ffa2: e8           NXTBS2          inx
ffa3: f0 f3                        beq     NXTBAS
ffa5: d0 06                        bne     NXTCHR

ffa7: a2 00        GETNUM          ldx     #$00              ;clear A2
ffa9: 86 3e                        stx     A2L
ffab: 86 3f                        stx     A2H
ffad: b9 00 02     NXTCHR          lda     IN,y              ;get char
ffb0: c8                           iny
ffb1: 49 b0                        eor     #$b0
ffb3: c9 0a                        cmp     #$0a
ffb5: 90 d3                        bcc     DIG               ;br if hex digit
ffb7: 69 88                        adc     #$88
ffb9: c9 fa                        cmp     #$fa
ffbb: b0 cd                        bcs     DIG
ffbd: 60                           rts

ffbe: a9 fe        TOSUB           lda     #>GO              ;dispatch to subroutine, by
ffc0: 48                           pha                       ;  pushing the hi-order subr addr
ffc1: b9 e3 ff                     lda     SUBTBL,y          ;  then the lo-order subr addr
ffc4: 48                           pha                       ;  onto the stack
ffc5: a5 31                        lda     MODE              ;  (clearing the mode, save the old
ffc7: a0 00        ZMODE           ldy     #$00              ;  mode in A-reg)
ffc9: 84 31                        sty     MODE
ffcb: 60                           rts                       ;and 'RTS' to the subroutine!

ffcc: bc           CHRTBL          .dd1    $bc               ;^C  (BASIC warm start)
ffcd: b2                           .dd1    $b2               ;^Y  (user vector)
ffce: be                           .dd1    $be               ;^E  (open and display registers)
ffcf: b2                           .dd1    $b2               ;T   (once was trace; never used)
ffd0: ef                           .dd1    $ef               ;V   (memory verify)
ffd1: c4                           .dd1    $c4               ;^K  (IN#slot)
ffd2: b2                           .dd1    $b2               ;S   (once was step; now never used)
ffd3: a9                           .dd1    $a9               ;^P  (PR#slot)
ffd4: bb                           .dd1    $bb               ;^B  (BASIC cold start)
ffd5: a6                           .dd1    $a6               ;'-' (subtraction)
ffd6: a4                           .dd1    $a4               ;'+' (addition)
ffd7: 06                           .dd1    $06               ;M   (memory move)
ffd8: 95                           .dd1    $95               ;'<' (delimiter for move, vfy)
ffd9: 07                           .dd1    $07               ;N   (set normal video)
ffda: 02                           .dd1    $02               ;I   (set inverse video)
ffdb: 05                           .dd1    $05               ;L   (disassemble 20 instrs)
ffdc: f0                           .dd1    $f0               ;W   (write to tape)
ffdd: 00                           .dd1    $00               ;G   (execute program)
ffde: eb                           .dd1    $eb               ;R   (read from tape)
ffdf: 93                           .dd1    $93               ;':' (memory fill)
ffe0: a7                           .dd1    $a7               ;'.' (address delimiter)
ffe1: c6                           .dd1    $c6               ;'CR' (end of input)
ffe2: 99                           .dd1    $99               ;blank
ffe3: b2           SUBTBL          .dd1    <BASCONT-1        ;table of lo-order monitor routine
ffe4: c9                           .dd1    <USR-1            ;  dispatch addresses
ffe5: be                           .dd1    <REGZ-1
ffe6: c1                           .dd1    <TRACE-1
ffe7: 35                           .dd1    <VFY-1
ffe8: 8c                           .dd1    <INPRT-1
ffe9: c4                           .dd1    <STEPZ
ffea: 96                           .dd1    <OUTPRT-1
ffeb: af                           .dd1    <XBASIC-1
ffec: 17                           .dd1    <SETMODE-1
ffed: 17                           .dd1    <SETMODE-1
ffee: 2b                           .dd1    <MOVE-1
ffef: 1f                           .dd1    <LT-1
fff0: 83                           .dd1    <SETNORM-1
fff1: 7f                           .dd1    <SETINV-1
fff2: 5d                           .dd1    <LIST-1
fff3: cc                           .dd1    <WRITE-1
fff4: b5                           .dd1    <GO-1
fff5: fc                           .dd1    <READ-1
fff6: 17                           .dd1    <SETMODE-1
fff7: 17                           .dd1    <SETMODE-1
fff8: f5                           .dd1    <CRMON-1
fff9: 03                           .dd1    <BLANK-1
fffa: fb 03                        .dd2    NMI               ;non-maskable interrupt vector
fffc: 62 fa                        .dd2    RESET             ;reset vector
fffe: 40 fa                        .dd2    IRQ               ;interrupt request vector

Symbol Table