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Stellar 7 Hacks & Cheats

This page has some cheats and game hacks that can be applied by modifying the game's code with a debugger. Because the game uses disk-based overlays, it's necessary to apply the changes right as the game is starting. If you quit to the main menu and restart, the game may reload a code segment and overwrite your changes.

For all of these, boot the game to the initial menu, then do the following (instructions are for AppleWin):

This puts a breakpoint at game initialization. Start the game by hitting the spacebar. When the debugger halts, make the desired changes.

Training Wheels

Set all enemy weapons to do 1 point of damage, and make cloaking free.

  8649:1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1  # enemy weapon damage (there are eight '1's)
  9b3d:0                # cloak cost
  g                     # play

Next Level

While playing, set this to immediately warp to the next level:

  858b:80           # sets the "Warplink has been touched" flag

All Alone on Rigel

Useful for playing with the 3D engine. Removes all units except the Fuelbay, and blocks reinforcements.

  87ab:3            # Rigel
  bpx 883d          # break at start of level
  g                 # continue
  8412:80 80 80 80  # remove first 4 units
  8550:0 0 0        # no reinforcements
  g                 # play

Airborne Seeker

Seekers can levitate over other units, but it's rare to see this actually happen. This moves a Seeker and an Obstacle directly in front of the player's initial position so you can observe it.

  87ab:2            # Antares
  bpx 883d          # break at start of level
  g                 # continue
  6673:0            # set X coord of units #18 and #23
  66a3:5            # set Z coord
  66ee:0            # set facing so Obstacle is square to us
  g                 # play

Copyright 2020 by Andy McFadden