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Stellar 7 Hacks & Cheats

This page has some cheats and game hacks. Because the game uses overlays it's necessary to apply them right as the game is starting. For all of these, boot the game to the initial menu, then do the following (instructions are for AppleWin):

This puts a breakpoint at game initialization. Start the game by hitting the spacebar. When the debugger halts, make the desired changes.

Training Wheels

Set all enemy weapons to do 1 point of damage, and make cloaking free.

  8649:1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1  # enemy weapon damage (there are eight '1's)
  9b3d:0                # cloak cost
  g                     # play

Next Level

While playing, set this to immediately warp to the next level:

  858b:80           # sets the "Warplink has been touched" flag

All Alone on Rigel

Useful for playing with the 3D engine. Removes all units except the Fuelbay, and blocks reinforcements.

  87ab:3            # Rigel
  bpx 883d          # break at start of level
  g                 # continue
  8412:80 80 80 80  # remove first 4 units
  8550:0 0 0        # no reinforcements
  g                 # play

Airborne Seeker

Seekers can levitate over other units, but it's rare to see this actually happen. This moves a Seeker and an Obstacle directly in front of the player's initial position so you can watch it.

  87ab:2            # Antares
  bpx 883d          # break at start of level
  g                 # continue
  6673:0            # set X coord of units #18 and #23
  66a3:5            # set Z coord
  66ee:0            # set facing so Obstacle is square to us
  g                 # play

Copyright 2020 by Andy McFadden