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6502 Coin-Op Games

A list of popular coin-op video games based on the 6502 CPU. The selection was primarily drawn from the list of "Golden Age" arcade games on wikipedia, with a few very early games thrown in.

Most of the popular games of that era were based around the Zilog Z80, with some Motorola 6809 and Intel 8080. Atari was certainly the most prolific user of the 6502.

Asteroids DeluxeAtari1980
Atari BaseballAtari1979
Atari FootballAtari1978
Canyon BomberAtari1977
Cops 'N RobbersAtari1976
Crystal CastlesAtari1983
Lunar LanderAtari1979
Missile CommandAtari1980
Night DriverAtari1976
Red BaronAtari1980
Space DuelAtari1980
Starship 1Atari1978

Some later games used the 6502 in a minor role, e.g. Paper Boy uses it to manage sound and the coin slots. It was also part of the DECO Cassette System, for games like Burger Time.