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Metroid Disassembly

Metroid is a hugely popular side-scrolling action adventure game developed and published by Nintendo for the NES.

This disassembly project is a quick experiment to see how the Metroid cartridge would work with SourceGen. This is not a finished disassembly. The original code upon which this project is based can be found at metroid-database.com and nicholasmikstas.com.

Metroid is copyright 1986 Nintendo, Inc.


Metroid presents an interesting challenge for a disassembler. In memory, the ROM has two 16KB segments, from $8000-bfff and $c000-ffff. However, the cartridge actually has 8 16KB segments, 7 of which are mapped to the same place:

# Addr Name
7$C000Game Engine

While SourceGen is designed to handle multi-segment files, Metroid presents an awkward situation. Segments 1-5 have code that is called directly from the game engine, at a specific address that isn't part of a jump table. For example, the instruction at $f503 is JSR $80b0, where $80b0 is a small subroutine in segments 1-5. Unfortunately, in segment 0 $80b0 is actually the middle of an instruction, and without guidance that's where SourceGen tries to map it.

Another issue is the fact that a 128KB file is a bit large to display as a single document. The approach used in the original disassembly -- splitting each segment into a separate source listing -- works better. (Plus, most of the cross-assemblers choked on the generated sources because they exceeded the 64KB bank limit... dividing it into separate source files and linking the output together would solve that.)

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