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Generating a Single Binary for Battlezone

The Battlezone ROM set has 16 files in it, but it's a lot easier to disassemble if you have it all in one. The MAME data file specifies their locations like this:

Filename Size Region Offset
036414-02.e1 2048maincpu5000
036413-01.h1 2048maincpu5800
036412-01.j1 2048maincpu6000
036411-01.k1 2048maincpu6800
036410-01.lm1 2048maincpu7000
036409-01.n1 2048maincpu7800
036422-01.bc3 2048maincpu3000
036421-01.a3 2048maincpu3800
036408-01.k7 256avg:prom0
036174-01.b1 32user20
036175-01.m1 256user30
036176-01.l1 256user30
036177-01.k1 256user31
036178-01.j1 256user31
036179-01.h1 256user32
036180-01.f1 256user32

We're only interested in the "maincpu" items. Putting the vector generator data at the end of the listing seems reasonable, so we want to collect them in the order shown.

Launch SourceGen, select Tools > Concatenate Files. Navigate to the Battlezone ROM directory, and add the first eight items listed above (just select all the files that appear to be 2K in size). Use the Up / Down buttons to arrange them in the order shown above. Click Save and save it as "Battlezone". It should look something like this:

concat dlg

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