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Generating a Single Binary for Centipede

The Centipede ROM set has 7 files in it, but it's a lot easier to disassemble if you have all of the program ROM in one. The MAME data file specifies their locations like this:

Filename Size Region Offset
136001-407.d1 2048maincpu2000
136001-408.e1 2048maincpu2800
136001-409.fh1 2048maincpu3000
136001-410.j1 2048maincpu3800
136001-211.f7 2048gfx1 0
136001-212.hj7 2048gfx1 800
136001-213.p4 256 proms 0

We're interested in the "maincpu" and "gfx1" items.

Launch SourceGen, select Tools > Concatenate Files. Navigate to the Centipede ROM directory, and add the first six items listed above (just select all the files that appear to be 2K in size). Use the Up / Down buttons to arrange them in the order shown above. Click Save and save it as "Centipede_r4". It should look something like this:

concat dlg

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