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Missile Command Messages

Missile Command has a small set of messages that appear at fixed positions. In a few cases a text string must appear in one more than one place, so a particular string may be referenced by more than one message entry.

Messages $00-1b are localized to English, Spanish, French, and German. Messages $1c-27, used for the title screen, copyright notice, and self-test output, only appear in English.

In the table below, "Horz" and "Vert" are the horizontal and vertical pixel position of the center of the first character of the message. Line zero is at the bottom of the screen, not the top. The horz/vert values are offset by 4 to get the top-left pixel position, so when the table says col 96 row 144, the top-left pixel is actually at col 92 row 148. Some of the messages are used in the scrolling text, for which the position values are ignored.

"Scale" is the multiplier for the horizontal and vertical glyph sizes, applied per pixel, so "3x10" means every pixel is 3 wide by 10 high. The scale does not affect the position.

Each character glyph is 8x8, with a 1-pixel blank space on the top and right, so they can be rendered without needing to add additional space. The screen can fit 32 characters across and 28 down.

Num Text Horz Vert Scale
$00PLAYER 961441x1
$01HIGH SCORES 842081x1
$02GAME OVER 631x1
$03PRESS START 14431x1
$04INSERT COINS 12031x1
$05BONUS CITY 92641x1
$06X POINTS 1041121x1
$07BONUS POINTS 801601x1
$08THE END 541603x10
$09GREAT SCORE 441282x1
$0a1 COIN 2 PLAYS 64641x1
$0b1 COIN 1 PLAY 64641x1
$0c2 COINS 1 PLAY 64641x1
$0dCREDITS: 17631x1
$0eGAME OVER 921601x1
$0fOUT 1231x1
$10OUT 11631x1
$11OUT 23231x1
$15DEFEND       CITIES 56561x1
$16LOW 1231x1
$17LOW 11631x1
$18LOW 23231x1
$19EVERY 104881x1
$1aPOINTS 200881x1
$1bBONUS CITY 16881x1
$1cMISSILE 321604x4
$1dCOMMAND 321124x4
$1eATARI (C)(P) 1980 8031x1
$1fRAM OK 921121x1
$20ROM OK 921441x1
$21BAD RAM 921121x1
$22BAD ROM 921441x1
$23BAD MAP 921281x1
$24MAP OK 921281x1
$25FREE PLAY 64641x1
$26CITIES 80521x1
$27BAD CHIP 161281x1