SourceGen Disassembly Projects

This is a collection of disassembly projects, mostly Apple II games. The machine-language portions and embedded graphics have been converted to readable form with 6502bench SourceGen.

SourceGen is a disassembler for code written in 6502, 65C02, and 65816 assembly language. Unlike most disassemblers, it allows you to develop the disassembly interactively, in an assembler-neutral format, and can generate working assembler code for multiple cross-assemblers (currently 64tass, ACME, cc65, Merlin 32). It can also convert platform-specific and application-specific graphics data to viewable form.

Most of the listings here are fully-commented disassemblies, not just code dumps. In a few cases, e.g. Applesoft and the F8 Monitor ROM, the project was created by "porting" an existing widely-available listing, and additional commentary has not been introduced.

The best way to peruse the listings is in SourceGen, since that gives you access to cross-reference data and other features. Because not everyone has a Windows PC, I've used SourceGen's "export to HTML" feature to generate listings that can be viewed on any device. These are not expected to assemble. All references to global labels are links, but I found it visually distracting so I tweaked the page style to make them look like plain text. See the notes for some additional commentary.

Graphics data is converted to GIF images for the HTML listings. These images are generated at original size, and scaled up by your web browser. Most browsers (e.g. Chrome and Safari) will do a nice pixel-art upscale, but some (e.g. Edge) do a "fuzzy" upscale that makes everything look blurry. Images tend to be tiny, so if you want to see them at a reasonable size (and can't view them inside SourceGen) it's probably best to download them and view them in an image viewer.

Apple II projects:

Atari 2600 projects:

Other Disassemblies

Links to non-SourceGen disassemblies, as well as source code for classic titles published by the original authors.

Copyrights & Licensing

The legal status of the contents of this site is mixed. For all that follows please note that I Am Not A Lawyer.

Rules regarding abandonware and "fair use" doctrines may be relevant.

Unless otherwise noted, all SourceGen project files (.dis65, .sym65) hosted on this site site are distributed under terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. This allows you to share and modify the projects, for any purpose, requiring only that you attribute the source. New source code, such as visualization generators and odd bits used to assist disassembly, use the same Apache 2.0 license that SourceGen does.

All visualizer output and screen shots are also distributed under terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license, though as noted earlier the authors of the original work likely have a claim as well.

Finally: it is not my intent to deprive the original authors of any of their rights, or to profit from their work. This site is intended as a homage to the amazing things they built.